I Saw A Fat Magpie

I saw a fat magpie, strut-waddling on the lawn of Vermont South Special School.  They were an adult, with bright white and shiny black plumage.  Their bum was doing an admirable Egyptian Walk (belly dance reference), or possibly a 3/4 up-shimmy, as they unhurriedly walked away from me.

I remark on this because it’s nesting season here in Australia for the magpies, and thus, it’s swooping season.  Now, this one was very fat indeed, and on their own.  So, either they are foraging for themselves, or foraging for themselves and a mate.  If the latter, they haven’t yet been worn to slimness by having to provide for a whole family.  There was no swooping, or running at me, so I can only presume their nest isn’t close by.

I wish you well on this cool, damp Spring day, fat magpie.  May you find many worms, snails, and whatever else you eat, and be well able to leave the scraps humans throw out.

That encounter was on my way to the shops to buy corn chips.  On the way back, just as I turned into my driveway, two ravens flew overhead, cawing.  My ex-housemate, a follower of Odin, would have looked up and said:  “What do you two, want?” referring to them as Hugin and Munin, the two crows who fly over the world, and act as Odin’s eyes.

I thought that, but I also have associations with the Morrigan.

Whichever the case, I bowed slightly, and muttered a ‘blessings be upon you’.  You just never know when Odin is watching, or the Morrigan.

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