Tarot Life Planner – 2nd session

Where am l?

Path: 6 of Cups. Spending far too much time mucking about in the past. It’s done. There are things needing your attention in the present. Your time with psychologists who want to endlessly dig up your childhood and the faults of your parents is done.

Progress: Strength. You are moving forward with strength, under a clear sky. The important part is not the destination, which you know you can’t yet see, but that finally, a shift is happening, and yes, without enough rest in between sprints, you have the strength for it.

What influences affect my life?

My influence over others: 6 of Swords, Ace Of Wands, 5 of Cups. An uneasy journey. You are never comfortable around others, always on guard. What would happen if you chose differently? You feel everyone is hiding their true self, and it makes you uneasy, yet you hide your true self. You are a catalyst for others, asking difficult questions, inspiring. Yet you do not let them touch you. Go back to beginner,s Mind, to when others could inspire you. You let the scroll of social media bring you down, when there is still so much good in the world.

My influence over others: 4 of Swords, Temperance, The Devil. Your home environment is relaxing and calming to others, and you could well lead by showing how to rest, and by doing so, learn it yourself. You are able to lead others into balance moderation, reflection. You also know that you are a master manipulator, and can turn other people with your words. Try not to do that, dear, at least not with the blackness in your heart that always lurks and must be leashed.

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