Tarot Life Planner session 5

How To Achieve My Dream Future

(Especially as I haven’t envisioned it much beyond yesterday’s High Priestess Pull).

Today, I’ve swapped to the Robin Wood deck, just because I wanted to. Ah, these familiar dears. My working deck for 20 years.

Could I have pulled any more Major Arcana Cards? Wow.

Where I am now: I chose the 4 of Swords because I’m still deep in exhaustion, possible fibromyalgia, anxiety, lethargy, and am still medicated for depression. I am heavier than I want to be, and am addicted to sugar, in particular, chocolate. All this adds up to a woman who wants to lie on the couch reading.

Step 1: Judgement. Stand up. Just stand up out of the muck. Recognise that I have been in muck for a long time, and stand up. Let old energies fall away. So, first step is to do some more tie cuts, more Reiki on myself, and for heavens sakes, start by swapping out 2 cups of tea per day for water, now that it’s Spring.

Step 2: Justice. A balanced approach, which I know belongs more to a Temperance interpretation. There are no pending legal or financial matters, so I’m taking this to mean addressing my sprinter nature. Allow myself the sprints, but shorter ones, so I’m not so knocked out at the end of one. Writing, dance, tarot, yoga, walks, gym, etc. Do them, but in shorter sessions.

Step 3: 3 of Wands. Now it!s time for goal setting, turning my gaze to the horizon, raising a few ambitions. Really? The third step? I would have thought second. Writing – pick 3 markets. Dance – create one choreography for the Summer Dreams February performance opportunity. Tarot – continue to play a little 4 days a week. Yoga – up it to 2 sessions a week. Walks – regular daily, plus 1 new walking place per week. Gym – keep to one session until you see how the increased yoga and dance settle in. Remember my spoon levels.

4.The Hanged Man. Take a new perspective, and give myself time to really think it through.

5. Knight of Pentacles. Solid slow progress, all within my sprint bubble. Consistency is the answer.

Where I want to be: The World, and the High Priestess. An integrated life, and a spiritual one. Magic and the material world as one.

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