New Moon in Taurus tarot spread

This spread is courtesy of Biddy Tarot, using the Way of The Panda tarot deck. @fablesden

1. How can I embody peace and tranquility? Justice. Balance between action and stillness. Define your sacred space, and defend it.

2. What does nature have to teach me at this time? Knight of Wands. Break through barriers. Look at how trees do it, water, how air slowly escapes from a balloon, how fire does it. Learn. Walk somewhere new.

3. How can I savour the simple pleasures in life? King of Wands. Dream, create, with ease, Joy, simplicity. Ignore the dramas you have around creativity.

4. What new, empowering habits can I introduce into my days? Page of Swords. Curiosity, explore interesting questions.

5. What activities will help me to become more grounded in my physical self? Five of Swords. Face confrontation rather than run from it.

6. What is my highest intention for my inner contentment? Fool. Explore, adventure, seek. You aren’t finished travelling yet.

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