2020 Reflection Tarot Spread

This spread used with gratitude from the Biddy Tarot Planner 2021.

Modern Witch Tarot – mass market edition.

  1. What were my biggest achievements for 2020? 3 of Pentacles. The Mistress Craftswoman card. Here, we see an established artist instructing a younger woman in drawing. This is mastery of craft, and passing on what you know. I finished a draft of my first memoir, and I found that I did, indeed, have it in me, even though I was pretty broken afterwards. This unhealthy attitude, and work practice is non sustainable for me, and I have to find another way. I learned that I have a small amount of natural artistic talent and I undertook to explore that during lockdown. What did I pass on to others? I established a Moon Circle online for celebrating the full moons in witchly style. I also passed on some of my writing knowledge to a friend.
  2. What were my biggest challenges for 2020? 4 of Wands. Finding fun and relaxation. In this card, we see two young people who have wandered away from the responsibilities and strictures of the city, and are enjoying some time out, having fun, walking in nature. I made 2020 a work, work, work year. Even Paint By Numbers became something to ‘get done’. It was hard to have ‘time out’ during lockdown, and I didn’t, much. Paying for it now. I hope I remember this lesson as I venture into 2021. I need play.
  3. How have I developed as a person? The Hermit. I have more fully embraced my introvert nature, and find that I prefer time alone to rushing about. But even in lockdown, I kept myself very busy, and this isn’t good for me. I now know I can put bum on seat and get the writing done. But I am still on a journey to learn balance. The pentacle the Hermit is wearing is a reminder to me that I can use magic to help me find balance. Shut down the computer more often, and be with myself.
  4. What did I learn in 2020? The World. The world needs fixing. So much of what I find difficult about it has been brought into clarity by 2020. My own life, my own little world, needs to change to more fully meet what I want and love. I also learned that this toxic isolation gig I have going on serves no one. There are people in the world ready to help me, if I let go of trauma-induced toxic isolation, and fear-based backing away.
  5. How would I describe 2020 in just 3 words? Queen of Pentacles. Sanctuary, productive, contemplative.
  6. What aspects of 2020 can I leave behind? 2 of Wands. Yearning for greener pastures, dreams of overseas travel, obsessive planning and then disappointing myself, and personally, thinking I can go back to old ways of teaching and earning money. My heart isn’t in it.
  7. What aspects of 2020 can I bring with me into 2021? The High Priestess. My tarot play, my sharing of knowledge, my magical deepening, moon connection and moon circle, being still. I have been a Priestess all my life, and must recognise now, that at nearly 57, I am a High Priestess, living Priestess, walker between worlds, witch, knowledge-keeper.
  8. What new seeds and opportunities are being planned? 7 of Wands. All those seeds of doubt, and jealousy over the success of others are still there, waiting for me to give them my time and attention. They are ready to sprout into full being. Well, they can fuck off. Here’s the warning, Satya. You ain’t got time for that rubbish any more.

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