Goal Manifestation Spread

Spread from Biddy Tarot: I asked specifically in terms of my autism memoir, which is in second draft, and thus far, I haven’t touched since October, when I finished the draft.

Modern Witch Tarot deck used.

  1. Where am I now in relation to my goal? Temperance. One foot in emotion, one grounded. This card is about balance. At the moment, I’m off balance, because I’m not touching the work at all. That’s not balanced. I’m scared of the emotions still attached to it. I need to find ways to remind myself that this is all in the past, and happened a long time ago. There is still a lot of unreleased anger to do with my ex husband that must be dealt with before I can truly move forward into a productive space with this work.
  2. How am I in relationship with my goal? 6 of Swords. Well, no wonder Swords is coming up. All those thoughts tangled with emotion. It feels like the end is not in sight. In some decks, this card shows light at the end of the tunnel, but this card does not. The querent is in motion but does not know where they are going. Exactly. My big goal – this book will be the world’s biggest best seller. But I don’t know, emphasis on know, how to get there. This card often indicates a difficult decision. Well, there are a number of decisions I have to make with this memoir, and the main one is how much of my ex husband do I put in there. I do feel in dangerous waters there. Again water – emotion. First playing with it, then riding along on it.
  3. What do I need to release? 6 of Wands. Another 6, but this time to do with the fire element. No water here. My instinctive reaction is ‘anger’. The 6 of Wands is a victory card, parading along enjoying the moment. Yes, it was a big battle to get to the end of second draft, and I’ve been enjoying that completion, that time off. Release that victory and get back to work. Keep in mind that you got it this far, but keep going.
  4. What do I need to grow? The Emperor. The business man. The business side of building up interest in this book. Boundaries and structures around the actual work. Getting back into a routine(surprised the Hierophant hasn’t made an appearance, but 2021 = 2+0+2+1=5= it’s a Hierophant year), treating this as a job, and a career, not just something I play with. Grow that mindset. Venus in Aquarius and Scorpio Moon have ruled these past few months, and although I have a lot of past-the-memoir years stuff to deal with at the moment, it’s time to get serious again.
  5. What steps can I take? King of Swords. Be canny with my thoughts. Concentration, intelligence, truth, honesty, ethics, integrity. I owe it to myself to get going. And to consider the ethics behind what I’m doing. I’m writing about someone who cannot expressly give me permission to write about them. The Swords cards can also lack a certain compassion, so while they are all ‘get to work’, they are not considering my watery emotional self, who is afraid.
  6. What lesson will I need to master? 4 of Swords. How damned exhausted I am. Factor in that Hashimotos’s and fibromyalgia are real for me, and work small and often, rather than big exhausting jags. Work smarter.
  7. What might I experience over the next year? The Star. Well, that’s MY card. In the very first tarot reading I experienced, the outcome card was The Star, and I can still see my friend Lana embodying it as she spoke the interpretation. Hope, joy, and there’s that water again, flowing easily. One foot in water, one on land. Asking my star people, guides, and guardians to help me with this. The ibis, symbol of creativity, flies high. A good year overall.

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