New Moon in Capricorn tarot spread

Biddy Tarot spread.

Star Spinners Tarot.

1. What insights did I gain in 2020 around what I want to achieve in 2021? Justice. Value and pursue what is right, not what is popular. Despite a ‘friend’ telling me that I’m wasting my time with my memoir, it’s important to me, so I’m carrying on. Also, Justice can point just as much towards balance as can Temperance. I learned not to go all out on anything.

2. Which areas of my life might benefit from creating a sense of order. 3 of Wands. Planning. I don’t have many actual plans and goals any more. Nebulous ideas and ideas, but this card is asking for big picture ideas.

3. How can I best support my financial goals this year? The Emperor. Concrete plans, clear eyed goals and aims. Where do I want to be in a year? With $4000 saved – $1000 for me, and $1000 for each grandchild into their coming of age trust funds.

4. What goals do I want to achieve in the next six months? 4 of Coins. Stability and control. Invest in experiences that bring joy, but save financially. I do want to be more of a tourist in my own state, see nature, be in it, and that’s free. Experience things in a way that don’t feel like missing out.

5. What kind of structure do I need to establish to support those goals? The Hermit. When I’m working, I’m inside, working. When I’m in the world, I’m in it. Taking time out on any adventure to sit, be, look, listen.

6. Which grounding practices would best support me this year? 5 of Swords. What the fuck? The hollow victory card? The betraying your own morals card? More elaboration please. Strength/fortitude. Courage. Ah, so that ju jitsu one-on-one training is the right thing. Thanks. But what’s with the Swords?

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