Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy – before session 11

Do I continue to notice changes? Well, I don’t have the surge I had right at the beginning (It’s hard to believe that by the end of this week, I’ll be halfway through my acute treatment plan of 30 sessions!). Things seem to have settled down, and I’m not on the edge of mania like I was. Last week was pretty tiring, with treatments Tues-Fri afternoons, and a headache that lasted through till Saturday afternoon. I sprayed magnesium through my hair onto my scalp in a vain attempt to get the muscles in my scalp to relax. Seeing my chiropractor Saturday morning relieved a lot of the skull, neck, and jaw tension. Also, making a gum rub from coconut oil and tea tree oil(very diluted) to treat some mild gingivitis helped. I’m not clenching my teeth against the infection in my mouth.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed a Sunday and Monday without headaches, and it’s back to it this afternoon with my 11th treatment.

Subtle differences? Let me tell you – my ex husband’s presence gives me a lot of anxiety, or has done, up until Friday. It was our offspring’s 29th birthday on the 8th, so my ex husband (my grandkids refer to their three grandpa’s as Grandpa{my husband PizzaBoy}, The Fat One{my ex husband}, and The Bald One{my daughter’s father-in-law}. Do I dare refer to him as The Fat One? No. I can bring better energy than that to the table. ModelTrainMan will do.) visited on the 7th. Normally, I’d be in a state by Friday morning. This time, either I had less anxiety, which is probable, or I was simply too headachey to care much. I not only spoke to him, but encouraged him to stop talking to me and go spend time with TwentiesPerson. I also told him I was undergoing TMS, and that as TwentiesPerson’s father, he should know if medical treatments are being pursued within the family.

It also gives him a heads-up that I’ll be dealing with my depression and anxiety a lot better, may come off my muffling meds, and be even sharper at our next Victorian Civil Admin Tribunal review of TwentiesPerson’s financial guardianship.

I only realised during treatment on Friday afternoon that ‘hey, I didn’t get all fretty and withdrawn around ModelTrain Man!’

A small realisation, but an important one.

This afternoon, I get to go through the quizzes that I did at the start of the programme – those ‘in the past seven days, how often have you experienced…’ quizzes that help assess where you’re at. So, at session 11, it’s review time.

3 thoughts on “Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy – before session 11

  1. Seems like a really good thing you’re doing. And let’s face it, any improvement is improvement. So it’s worth keeping on with even for the results you already have. I expect there will be more!


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