Book Review: The Midnight Library

Copied and pasted from my FaceBook page.

I inhaled THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY by Matt Haig in one sitting. What do I say about this book? It starts out with a suicide attempt. A young woman hates her life, and the huge amount of paths not taken that surely would have been better than the depressed, hopeless state she now finds herself in.

Whilst unconscious and hovering near death, she travels to a place called The Midnight Library, where she is given the opportunity to explore those untaken paths.

The first 2/3 of the book grabbed me, but then….it slid into Messages To The Reader On The Importance of Truly Living The Life You’ve Got. And as I read on, it became more and more bloody obvious, this Uplifting Message.

Now, I don’t mind the message. It’s one I’m doing my best to live right now. But I agree with the GoodReads reviewers who have given this book 3/5. The writing is good, very good in fact. Interesting characters, but they felt a little cardboardy. There are a few pages or paragraphs I’ll copy out to keep, but on the whole, this isn’t a book I’d read again.

And so we bid a fond farewell to THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY, and give it a 3.5/5, and recommend a library copy to curious readers.

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