Journey Inside tarot exploration

Modern Witch Tarot used.

Spread taken from the book ILLUSTRATED TAROT SPREADS by Pielmeier and Shirner. (Way to go leaving out the interpretation of the 9th card in this spread, guys.)

1. What is the best way for me to act now? 5 of Cups. Quit your pessimistic mindset of black/white worst case scenario. You want to master your mind? Choose to notice the 2 cups still standing. Choose to see what’s good in life.

2. What is the source of what is sacred and wholeness in my life? The World. The dancer. You smiled this morning when you did your own dance thing.

3. Needs and shortcomings: 5 of Pentacles. Poverty consciousness. Again, not seeing the light.

4. What is the source of anxiety in my life? 8 of Wands. The attitude of go, go, go, do everything. You know yourself. Look at you today: chores, yoga, dance, writing, tarot, and not sitting with any of them. Racing across the desert of your life, not seeing the sprouting wands overhead. Not seeing life.

5. What is the source of creativity in my life? Strength. Willpower. Where I put my attention is where things flourish. Flowers, lion, grass, mountains, sky – the infinite of nature.

6. What is the source of strength in my life? The Empress. Creativity in all forms, bringing forth the new. I would say motherhood, bc I’ve certainly had to be creative with that role, but recent revelations have indicated that, according to one offspring, I’ve failed in that department.

7. What is the source of inspiration in my life? 6 of Pentacles. I’m flummoxed over this one. Generosity? Kindness? Attitudes to money? The juggling act that is my life? Leadership, and being an inspiration to others? Claiming the wise woman leadership role?

8. Change and possibilities: 2 of Cups. A relationship/partnership card. Everything okay with us, PizzaBoy?

9. Well hey, no suggestions for this card position, but I decided to name it Where To From Here? 4 of Pentacles. Sit on your arse, be conservative with your energy, and just be for a bit. You know the directions you’re trying out. Be with them. There is no ‘there’ here. There’s just here.

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