Gail Carriger – where she writes

This is taken from her website.

When and where do you write?

  1. I usually write the first draft at home or in my office, at my desk, in the afternoons. If I’m really struggling, a change of location helps, so I frequent a local coffee shop or very occasionally the library (when allowed).
  2. I must hide away and do my second draft in an empty office, because I read the whole thing out loud.
  3. I usually red pen a hard-copy of the third draft on an airplane, things often arrange themselves so I’m traveling at that point in the writing process (when traveling happens). But sometimes I don’t have time for a print pass, in which case I will change the font.
  4. I used to go over the copy edits with my best friend on the couch in her living room with much companion hilarity, these days I’m usually too rushed.

Thanks, Gail.

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