Daily Card – how I interpret

Light Seer’s Tarot

Question: why am I so jittery today?

9 of Cups.

The usual interpretation of this card is ‘abundance, almost to the point of too much of a good thing’. Not only is there a box of treasure at her feet, but 9 singing bowls float above her, all there for the taking. Dreams manifested, it’s all good.

Today, feeling flat, but at the same time unsettled and jittery, what I see is Too Many Ideas, and trying to reach for them all. The yellow background, and the floating woman speak to me of the element of Air. She is not grounded, and is actually not connected to the bounty that groundedness brings (treasure).

Because this is a Cups card, to do with the element of Water, that of feelings, intuition, I feel that I have run around far too much this past week, and not spent time dreaming, being, doing my grounding exercises. I need to slow my fitness practices down to flexibility, strength, and stamina, and let the aerobic fitness take care of itself. Slowly, slowly, steadily. Back to the treasure within.

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