Ostara Divination: September 2021

Ostara card spread courtesy of Muses of Mystery. Ostara Tarot used. Blue cornflower tea taken to aid divinatory practices on the day of the Spring Equinox. Hail Persephone! Hail Demeter! Hail the Maiden coupled to the Sun God!

1.What do I need to bring back the balance to my life after the cold winter months? 5 of Swords. A green snake twines around 5 swords stabbed into a beach or sea. Conflict that saps energy, reaching for the unattainable – to grab at the nearest sword would be to get bitten. Shift perspective and walk away. In other words, stop yearning for increased energy and dynamism at a time when the world’s energy is at an all-time low. Covid, lockdown, exhaustion, fear – energy sappers. Turn my attention to other things.

1a. What part of me is ready to be reborn? Justice. A very Egyptiancard, a goddess rising from a river, winged, carrying golden scales of justice. A human heart is being weighed on the scales. Maat. I won’t get a gold medal for pushing energy in any direction. I’m ready for the reaction of 3 months of intense creative poetic energy to ease off now, and again, just be for a while. Apparently I need to be hit over the head with this message.

2. What do I need to focus my time and energy on in order to grow? 3 of Wands. Options. A frog sits in a pond watching three ships caught in a whirlpool. Possibilities. No snatching at the moment just contemplation of opportunities and possibilities for future directions. No action needed at the moment, which seems in opposition to burgeoning Spring all around me, but totally suits the frame of body and mind that I’m in.

3. How do I break through the hard shell holding me back? 7 of Cups. A masked woman carries a tray of spilling cups. She is surrounded by masked figures/animals, and is the centre of their attention. Acknowledgement and the centre of attention are illusions. Worldly success means little here, it’s imaginary. Breaking through the hard shell around me means being soft, dropping my masks as best I can, paying attention to the details of what I’m doing, and not worrying about what others think. Easy to say, dear tarot, after 57 years of autism high masking.

3a. How do I open myself to transformation? The World. The world forms from stardust and heat. Pure creation, gravity pulling everything together to make a whole. Allow myself to be pulled along for now, sticking my nose into whatever appeals. The next surge of creativity will come, but not yet. The world inside me is still being formed. To transform, I have to let myself be carried along various paths until something speaks up. Gravity, natural selection, again possibilities.

4. What awakens within and around me to nourish and support? The Empress. How many more times are you going to show up in readings, dear? I get it, you’re my soul and life card for this lifetime. The Empress crouches amongst ferns, allowing life force to flow from her into plants. A small bird nests in her hair. Earth Mother energy. Enjoying my Spring garden, as I am doing, seems to be exactly the right thing to be doing at the moment. Good. I shall carry on.

5. What new journeys will I embark on? Queen of Coins. A mother figure rests with a child, whilst goats surround. A shield to the fore, herbs above. Nurturing and protecting myself are the focus here, not new journeys. Perhaps an journey to my inner child, to protect and nurture her. Capricornian goats. A time of being a stickybeak goat, following my nose quietly, nurturing self. Spring can be busy, but not me.

5a. What new opportunities are on their way? 2 of Swords. A blindfolded blue jay rests on its nest, which is balanced on two crossed swords. Awkward position. One false shift, and everything’s tumbling. No opportunities right now. Being still. No movement for me. Indecision is not forever, it’s a salve right now. I don’t have to decide anything, sign up for anything, action anything. Just Be. Just Be. Just Be.

Guidance For Magical Me – 19/9/21- 26/9/21

I am so exhausted from lockdown and the threat of covid that I’m changing up this week’s Guidance reading to be just for me. Sorry, magical folx, I can’t extend my energy to encompass anyone else this week. You’ll note that the post is already two days late, due to executive disfunction, exhaustion, and brain fritzing.

The Moon is waxing to Full from Sunday to Tuesday, then waning again through to next Saturday.

Full Moon in Pisces this time around, then waning through Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

There is also the Equinox on Wednesday 22nd. Spring for my Southern Hemisphere, Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere.

What magic can I work this week specifically to address this whole body exhaustion, and mind fritz? Never mind the greater good of the world and magical people? This is MY biggest issue, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’m using the Animal Wisdom Tarot as part of my Spring Celebrations, another animal-based deck.

Cow – The Empress. Earth Mother. Is this deck being rude to me? Cow? Really? I know I’ve put on some covid kilos, but sheesh!

Anyway, the Empress speaks to true nurturance. Not the ‘take a bubble bath, drink some wine, eat chocolate, watch Netflix’ stuff recommended by magazines having a self-care themed month. True self care, which is a long term plan. It means saying no, having boundaries, changing things up to get the rest you need. If you’ve been putting off seeing a health or mental health professional, this is the sort of care that’s needed.

The advice to myself here is to slow down even more, be gentle and kind, quit Capricornian pushing. Drift for a while. No harm done if I do. I won’t get a medal for coming out the other side of lockdown with a fully painted house, magnificent garden, decluttered everything. I can Slow Down And Take It Easy.

And with that slowing down, some slow candle gazing, I think. Mindfulness, quiet, calm. That’s truly about all the the energy I have for this week, and The Empress comes forward to say ‘that’s okay’.

Maybe this applies to you, too. Slow down even more, take time. Have the bath if that’s what you want, but Cow advises that it’s time, with the watery full moon upon us, to address our deep needs and emotions. Pisces isn’t the best times to consider boundaries, because watery Pisces has none. Pisces is water without a container, endlessly flowing and spreading. Perhaps wait until the moon is in Taurus for looking at what you want to keep out and away from you. By the time the Moon is waning in Taurus, we could all use that waning energy to say ‘be gone’ to unwanted thoughts, people, and energies.

Here’s hoping I’m feeling a wee bit better next week.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 12/9/21-18/9/21

Good afternoon all magical people. I’ve had a nourishing morning of attending a webinar on Victorian native pollinating insects, specifically bees. I learned how to tell the difference between a wasp, a bee, and a fly(antennae, eyes, waistline), how to make a bee hotel, and what indigenous flowers to plant to attract native bees. Hint: bees love purples and blues, whites, and pinks.

This week kicks off with a waxing Moon in Scorpio, moving into Sagittarius, and then journeys through Capricorn and Aquarius, before moving into Pisces next Saturday. Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

Because I’m drawn to animals thanks to this mornings webinar, I’m using my Oriens Tarot Deck for the card pull for this week. It’s not a deck I use often, and is more for the artwork than readings, for me.

The Fool: look at that sweet sea turtle chipping away at its egg shell, entering the world. As yet, it is unaware of the adventure ahead of it. It is buried in sand, yet to fully emerge into the world. Its eyes are still shut, and it is going on instinct.

The first things a baby sea turtle faces is challenge – getting out of its egg, and making overland to the ocean without being eaten by birds. Sea turtles a long-lived, provided they survive, and are thus symbols of good fortune, endurance, and patience. I was fortunate to be swimming off the coast of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii when a sea turtle surfaced beside me and swam alongside me for a while before going off about its business. A few days later, I had a small sea turtle design tattoo’d on my left ankle.

The Fool card represents the beginning of a new adventure, the innocent dreamer who takes a step forward into the unknown. In the Waite-Smith system, the card shows a young person taking a step off a cliff, while a small dog jumps at their back foot, warning them of potential danger. Meanwhile, the youth is looking up at the clouds.

If I’m honest, my initial urge into the Craft was that I was disillusioned with a solar-based male deity, and thought that the world was presenting with another model that was lunar based, and directed towards duality, or cloudiness of gender. And, I wanted to feel loved.

So, this week, I may re-examine spells of the past that were directed towards drawing love to me, and now see if a dual deity can help me feel love more deeply than I currently do. The moon is waxing, so it’s an excellent time for drawing this energy towards myself, and seeing as it’s to do with emotion(water), and lowering shields and boundaries around my heart and mind, the waxing Moon in Pisces next Saturday would be an ideal time for me.

As usual, you have the 4 elements to play with for timing of your spellwork. The moon is waxing, so draw something delicious towards you. Be The Fool – hearken back to the origins of your magical practice and see if you’ve fulfilled what you set out to learn. If you have, perhaps there’s a new way to interpret your wishes.

Have a blessed week, magical ones, and I’ll see you next week for the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces. Ultra-water time.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 5/9/21-12/9/21

Good morning, magical people. It’s a cool, overcast, early Spring morning here in Melbourne. Strong winds the past few days, as are to be expected in Spring, but the earth is slowly warming, the days are lengthening, the light stronger. There’s some heat to the Sun now, and I’ve broken out my sun-hat, and my sunscreen. I’m a redhead, so I have to be careful. I’m having a small skin mark biopsied next week, and have a yearly skin check. At 57, years of sun damage are starting to show up.

The Moon is waning through Leo, Virgo, with a new Moon in Virgo, then waxing throughLibra, and into Scorpio.

So, a lovely New Moon in Virgo. Virgo has been called the perfectionist, the clockmaker, the one who has to repack to dishwasher to be the most efficient and orderly, the ‘bean counter’ of the zodiac. The one Virgo man I’m familiar with certainly does re-stack the dishwasher.

Virgo is also the mutable Earth sign of the 3 Earth signs(Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus). Which means it’s the most moveable of the fairly unmoveable Earth signs.

Generally, if we take the ‘organisation’ of Virgo, we could look at where we are and are not organised in our lives. Because no one is ever 100% organised and sorted. I’m super here this morning, right on time for writing up today’s Guidance, but holy cow, look at the state of my loungeroom! There’s stuff everywhere. I’m never 100% Virgo organised.

The New Moon is a time of setting intentions, making magic that will grow over the next two weeks towards the Full Moon.

Now, what does the divinatory world have to say to us for this coming week? What advice does it give to direct our magic? The Winged Enchantment oracle deck spoke out today. It seems appropriate, with many local birds nesting. The two peregrine falcons in the city (367 Collins Falcon Watchers) have 3 eggs this year. My local magpies are swooping to protect their nests. The noisy myna birds nest all year round, but have clutches of eggs at the moment. It’s the time of the Quickening of nature.

Lark. A joyful looking card, with a lot going on. The colours range from a dark greyish purple at the top of the card, down through browns and yellows, and into faint greens, and a brighter violet. The lark woman in the centre of the card has her mouth open, her hand on her heart. She is looking upwards. Many roots feature, but this is Lisa Hunt’s style, so I don’t know if to take particular notice of them.

The Little White Book says: “The endearing song of the soul…voice, wandering bard. I am everything that resonates through sound. Use your words. Everything you say resonates through the universe. I am the chant that awakens. I am the mantra that focuses thought. Speak with clarity and intent.”

Well, this sounds to me like a week of sound magic. Mantra, intoning, chanting. Find a mantra that speaks to what you’re intending, and work with it this coming week. I sing mantra quite often, and love the sung mantras of Deva Premal, Sada Sat Kaur, Snatam Kaur, and Donna de Lory. A quick Google will give you a mantra for what you wish to invoke, and then see if there’s a mantra singer who is singing that one. Or, create your own mantra in English and work with it.

I prefer to work in Sanskrit, because it’s how I was first introduced to mantra, and what I’m comfortable with. But you can work with a simple Virgoan appeal to the universe for organisation and clear thought:

Virgo Ma, Virgo Ma,

come to me, Virgo Ma.

Bring clean lines,

Virgo Ma.

Enjoy the New Moon, magical folx, and I’ll see you next week for more Guidance, and a tarot instructional during the week.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 29/8 –

Goodness, this morning, magical folx, I’m kinda phoning it in, to be honest. The energy this past week has been like wading through a giant tub of molasses. I’ve never wanted to do nothing more in my life. The energy feels better this morning, but I’ve spent so much of my own energy pushing through the morass that I’m pooped.

Nevertheless, with the waning Moon, here I am for weekly magical guidance. I’m using the Way of the Panda Tarot this week.

It’s already done some work this morning. I joined a neurodiverse witchy chat on zoom, facilitated by my friend neurodivergentwitch.com, who I shall refer to as Fiji. My tarot deck came out for one card readings and was quite pithy. I did not know my Panda tarot could be so pithy and narky. Or maybe it’s me that’s interpreting the cards that way.

The Moon: waning towards dark. It moves through Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this coming week. Bizarrely, the Moonology diary says: “This third quarter moon week is great for anyone who does what could be considered a ‘spooky’ activity such as yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong. A Mars/Neptune opposition will take your practice further.”

Let us do away with the appellation ‘spooky’ to practices that originated in non-white countries, for starters. To me, it sounds like ANY spiritual practice will have the opportunity to deepen this week.

Let’s see what my tarot deck says. What magic can we work this week, Magical Ones?

The Hermit. It certainly suits the waning moon energy, going within. Personally, I am feeling very Hermit-like, with Victoria, Australia still in hard lockown(maybe week 7 of lockdown 6?). The energy of this card is one of letting the natural world inform your meditations. Use the waning moon energy to spend time chatting with your plants, doing a meditation on a tree or plant that you are curious about. Read up on the magical correspondences of your favourite mushrooms and toadstools perhaps. Contact the nature devas of the natural world around you. The work done at Findhorn and Perelandra is a good research starting point for working with nature devas.

Take it quietly this week, Magical Friends, after the intense energy of last week, and spend some time in nature, by yourself if you can). Get to know your indigenous plant friends and allies, and see what they have to say.

I’ll be doing some gardening this week, inbetween rain showers, and getting some sunflower seeds into the garden. It’s good for my mental health to invoke as much sunlight as I can, so sunflowers it is.

Enjoy the quiet Hermit energy this week, and I’ll see you next week, where we’ll be looking at the New Moon in Virgo.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 22/8/21-28/8/21

Glorious good morning, Magical Folx. It’s a beautiful sunny Spring day here in Melbourne, and we are all frustrated at continued hard lockdown. However, I’m going to take full advantage of the allowable 2 hours of outside-the-house time today, and take a long walk.

The Full Moon in Aquarius tomorrow is a Blue Moon, second moon in Aquarius. This completes the waxing moon phase, and from Sunday onwards, the moon wanes. It journeys through Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus the coming week.

I’m using my lovely Botanica Tarot, based on the language of flowers, and created by Kevin Jay Stanton. It’s a very different deck. Research says it’s based on ‘classical tarot interpretations’, but I’m unsure which classical tarot system it’s relying on, as I haven’t worked with this deck. Certainly the major arcana follow the labelling of the Rider-Waite-Smith system. Quite honestly, I’m going to drop ‘Rider’ from further references. I don’t mention publishers of tarot decks. I’d much rather reference the writer and artist. Waite-Smith it is.

10 of Coins/Pentacles. The Eucalyptus tree. It’s an important part of many ecosystems. It’s pollen sustains many creatures, and it’s wood is grown as a sustainable resource. It’s a tree of enduring, indigenous to Australia, and islands north of Australia. A small number are found in New Guinea, Indonesia and as far north as the Phillipines.

It adds a layer of bark each year, and is highly flammable, containing eucalyptus oil. While the moon is in Aries, it might be time for some fire magic. What fiery, sparky, snarky thing do you want less of in your life? This could be the time to make magic while the moon is waning.

The 10 of Pentacles or Coins traditionally speaks to security and stability, legacy, roots, family, ancestry, foundations, and windfalls.

I note, in this card, not so much the black background, as every card in this deck has that, but the lovely blue of the bark, the red, orange, and yellow coins, the pale yellowy-pink of the flowers, and the dark pink gum nuts. So much here speaks to sunrise and sunset colours, and the colours of the Australian bush.

With this card speaking to material wealth, and the things that make your life feel safe and stable, and the moon waning, I think this card is asking us to work with the Full Moon in Aquarius for the greater good of community and the world. Make magic that benefits your world. Is everyone in your community safe, and in a stable environment. Step beyond your own concerns and perhaps create some magic for a local soup kitchen, or shelter. Or work with the waning moon through the week to lower the incidence of domestic violence.

One thing I will note about eucalypts is that they are absolute champions at storing water. These trees grow in the very harsh environs of Australia, and thrive. They know to suck up water(emotions, cups) when the going’s good, and store it for times of scarcity.

So how are your down-deep poverty consciousness, and scarcity beliefs? Is time to work with the waning moon to show those beliefs the door?

And, my fellow Aussies, Spring is here. Ideal time to harvest eucalypt leaves, bark, gum nuts, and flowers for any magical needs. And a great time for Spring cleaning. Add a bit of eucalyptus oil to your cleaning water. For hayfever sufferers, your old friend eucalyptus is there to help clear your sinuses. Diffuse the oil. There’s a lot of pollen around with the wattles in flower.

Have a magical week, Folx, and I’ll see you next week for more waning Moon magic, and tarot or oracle deck guidance. Look out for my ‘how I read cards’ post next week.

I made it worse

I found an old poem this morning – one from the vaults.

Here’s the information you need to know:

  • I believe that autism may be the next evolution of humanity
  • at the time I wrote the poem I did not know that I was autistic
  • I knew my offspring was autistic
  • in 2002 there wasn’t the open talk about autism that there now is
  • I didn’t agree with the abiding view that autistic people were cold and robotic, but there wasn’t much else being presented to me in literature, media, etc. I just thought my offspring was unique, and I was broken.

So, I wrote a poem about rigid thinking, robo-talk, being a cog in a universal machine.

I got the poem out this morning, because I’d made a promise to my neuro-diverse accounta-buddies that I’d rewrite an old poem today.

Readers, I made a huge mess. Huge. I don’t have a vision of what the next evolution might look like. If it’s me, we’ll have a humanity that’s overly sensitive to smell, noise, crowds, vibes in rooms and around people, textures, who can see below the surface of what people are saying and doesn’t have the sense to ignore it. I’m the person who sees the disconnect between what a group says they’re about, and how they’re actually behaving, and asks awkward questions about that.

If it’s my offspring, we will be non-verbal, highly amused by a lot of humanity, quietly going about their own pursuits, and not giving a hoot what anyone else thinks.

Likely, as a species, we will have a hard time expressing and identifying emotions. Sort of like Mr Spock from Star Trek, who was a role model in my formative years.

Will we get to the stars that way? We might well do so, since there’s the cliche of autistic people being superb at computers, tech, and the like (not me). We might be a kinder species, a more honest one, acting as we think and believe, rather than social niceties.

I wanted to marry this nebulous idea somehow to the Age of Aquarius, at least in the draft I have now. Not only the hippie, sharing, caring, save the earth side of Aquarius, but the ‘needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one’ loss of individual freedoms and rights that we are seeing as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

Honestly, as the poem evolved on the page, I realised that I didn’t have a concrete vision on which to extrapolate and fly. And it showed.

Ah well, back into the vaults you go, wee poem, and let me haul out another ragged old thing. I hope this isn’t a ‘make everything I touch worse’ day. Because I have some housepainting, a penpal letter, and some witchery to do.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 15/8-21/8/21

Good morning, on this cool but brilliantly sunny Saturday morning. It promises to be 17 degrees Celsius today, so I’m looking forward to putting some more native violets in my garden. Spring is here. The sweet violets I planted have taken hold, the daffodils and jonquils are out, some self-seeded borage has flowers, and the bees are happily collecting pollen off the purple flowers on my rosemary bush.

This week, the Ostara Tarot caught my eye, so here she is to impart the week’s magical guidance for all of us.

The Moon is waxing towards full. This week She journeys through Scorpio, Sagittariuis, Capricorn, and Aquarius, landing up nearly full next Saturday. (Sunday will be a Full Blue Moon in Aquarius, the second full moon in Aquarius).

What magic can we do this coming week: King of Coins(pentacles). This King wears his wealth on his antlers, and walks the fine line between wealth and avarice. The ‘little white book’ interpretation of this King is that he has grown cold to his wealth, and displays it for the sake of it, for power, for show. This is not my understanding of the King of Pentacles, who is Earth-personified, the Green Man, the King Stag, King of the Forest, ruler of all that is earth-based, material, practical, grounded.

That said, Coins and Pentacles indicate that it’s the perfect time for some waxing moon abundance magic, however you wish to do that. Want a better harvest? Your houseplants to thrive? Need more money, a job, a better job? However the lack of abundance is manifesting in our lives, now is the time to work magic to change that.

Work with the colours green and gold. Include coins and images of cheques made out to you for incredible amounts of money. Make a money tree. Go out and feed your rose bushes, and give the compost a turn.

Good abundant luck, magical beings, and I’ll see you next week for Full Moon magic.

Guidance for Magical Folx – 8 August – 14 August 2021

Tarot deck: Gaian Tarot.

Moon: New Moon in Leo through to Waxing Moon in Scorpio.

Six of Earth: A farmers’ market with plenty of produce, money exchanging hands from grower to customer. Sunflowers, yellow daisies. A baby comfortable in a baby sling. It looks to be Spring or Summer.

The Earth cards in the Gaian deck relate to pentacles or coins. The traditional meaning of the card is giving, receiving, sharing wealth and abundance, generosity, kindness, help on the material level. It can mean being generous with money.

The creator of this deck, Joanna Powell Colbert, interprets this card as one of giving and receiving. Exchange for that which will nourish body and mind, presenting your own gifts to the community.

Let’s now look at the magic we can work with the Moon phase.

Right now, the Moon is dark, so it’s time for all that banishing you want to do. Leo is bright, shining, the adolescent of the zodiac. Most people sum up Leo as ‘confident’, but it’s a teenager’s confidence: “I’m great…aren’t I?” Time to look at what beliefs are holding you back from being at least able to say “I’m great”. Found them? Banishing magic!

The new moon in Leo tomorrow heralds a time to bring in new energy. Banished those dark old self-destructive beliefs today? You have room to call in some fresh new ideas that will start to take root as the moon begins waxing. Be generous to yourself. Gift yourself the idea of sunflowers, daisies, and abundance.

By the end of next week, the Moon has waxed through Leo, Virgo, and Libra, and moves into Scorpio.

Leo – fire. Virgo – earth. Libra – air. Scorpio – water. You have a chance to work with each of the elements this week, as you do every week, and the themes of self-esteem, where things might not be working like clockwork(our lovely Virgoans being the clockmakers and precision-lovers of the zodiac), balance, and winding up in underground-water-heated-by-lava-under-pressure-all-the-damned-time Scorpio.

With the 6 of Earth as your guidance, look at where you can be generous to yourself, nourishing, and what exchange you can make with others, or your deities, for this new energy you are bringing in.

Hope this gives you some ideas, magical folx, and I’ll see you next week for some tarot guidance, and waxing Moon in Scorpio.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 1/8/21-7/8/21

Good morning to all magical folx. It’s a windy, chill Saturday morning here in Melbourne Australia. However, there are patches of blue sky, and the sun is coming out from behind cloud to shine through my windows.

Blue sky is much needed this week, for I have pulled the 8 of Cups from Ostara Tarot. The moon is waning from Taurus through to Cancer, just shy of a new moon the following day. Tomorrow, August 1st, is Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere and Lammas in the Northern.

The 8 of Cups speaks to a sense of disappointment, and re-evaluation. An eagle man sits alone atop a rocky outcrop in clouds, with eight bowls smouldering a pinkish smoke. He is looking down. His wings are spread but he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The background of the card is grey. The clouds look like the ones here this morning. Off white with hints of grey. However, it’s to be noted that there is green vegetation surrounding the pillars on which the bowls are perched. Growth can come of this.

This coming week looks to be one of evaluating where you are and what you’re about. Where have you been feeling disappointed in a relationship or project, or perhaps in your relationship with yourself? Time to have a bit of a think about that. Clear your head, and find out how you really feel about the situation, person, project, or your own actions.

With the moon waning, it’s a perfect time to prepare to say farewell to that which isn’t giving you joy, and with the dark moon on next Saturday, that’s a great time to nick it off.

Contemplation, with a view to launch is the energy this week, with our eagle man still thinking, but wings spread. Dark Moon will be in Cancer, and my Moonology diary tells me there’s “some heavy duty Saturn energy this week so make sure you’re behaving like a grown-up”. I would say, make sure you’re adulting, not just being a grown-up.

Thanks to the Ostara Tarot created by Molly Applejohn and Eden Cooke.

The tarot holder is by Yiska Designs.