Guidance For Magical Folx – 1/8/21-7/8/21

Good morning to all magical folx. It’s a windy, chill Saturday morning here in Melbourne Australia. However, there are patches of blue sky, and the sun is coming out from behind cloud to shine through my windows.

Blue sky is much needed this week, for I have pulled the 8 of Cups from Ostara Tarot. The moon is waning from Taurus through to Cancer, just shy of a new moon the following day. Tomorrow, August 1st, is Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere and Lammas in the Northern.

The 8 of Cups speaks to a sense of disappointment, and re-evaluation. An eagle man sits alone atop a rocky outcrop in clouds, with eight bowls smouldering a pinkish smoke. He is looking down. His wings are spread but he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The background of the card is grey. The clouds look like the ones here this morning. Off white with hints of grey. However, it’s to be noted that there is green vegetation surrounding the pillars on which the bowls are perched. Growth can come of this.

This coming week looks to be one of evaluating where you are and what you’re about. Where have you been feeling disappointed in a relationship or project, or perhaps in your relationship with yourself? Time to have a bit of a think about that. Clear your head, and find out how you really feel about the situation, person, project, or your own actions.

With the moon waning, it’s a perfect time to prepare to say farewell to that which isn’t giving you joy, and with the dark moon on next Saturday, that’s a great time to nick it off.

Contemplation, with a view to launch is the energy this week, with our eagle man still thinking, but wings spread. Dark Moon will be in Cancer, and my Moonology diary tells me there’s “some heavy duty Saturn energy this week so make sure you’re behaving like a grown-up”. I would say, make sure you’re adulting, not just being a grown-up.

Thanks to the Ostara Tarot created by Molly Applejohn and Eden Cooke.

The tarot holder is by Yiska Designs.

Divination instructional – how I read a card

Good morning divinators, card slingers, tarot and oracle card enthusiasts, and the divination-curious. This morning I’m reading from the Mountain Ash Animal Oracle, written by Vicki Minahan, and artwork by Helen Wells. I’ve long been a follower and fan of Helen’s artwork, and it’s a delight to finally have some of her art in oracle form. This is my first time using the deck, so here goes.

Lately, I’ve been delving into literature about the Dark Goddess. I’m currently reading ENCOUNTERING THE DARK GODDESS by Frances Billinghurst, about 1/3 of the way through.

Today’s question: how am I really feeling about this line of study, what I’m reading?

Leadbetter’s possum: native to the mountain ash forests of Victoria, currently endangered due to habitat loss and predation by introduced species such as feral cats.

In my local area there are two species of possum – brush tails, and ring tails. I hear the brush tails(the more dominant species) sometimes stomping across my roof. Very, very occasionally I’ll see a ring-tailed possum in a tree. My last encounter with a ring-tail was about 10 years ago, in the middle of a harsh winter, when I found one on the ground in my driveway. I took her to the vet, where they confirmed she was very cold, and had a baby in her pouch. They warmed her up, fed her, and sent her off to a wildlife carer who would look after her until she was strong enough to be rehabilitated. I have never encountered a Leadbetter’s possum.

The guidebook says that they represent resilience, the warrior within, fighting for survival against the odds.

I’m looking at the colours of the card, the background of soft brownish, pink, the surrounding blue, purple and green, and then the inner nest of grown and green leaves Tiny flowers. The possum on its back, tail curled around it. A vulnerable position, and yes, I do feel vulnerable as I delve into the realm of the Dark Goddess. I feel I must come to her belly up, open, eyes wide.

Am I in danger? Without a guide, quite possibly so. I have long feared the Dark Goddess, although I acknowledge that I am drawn to Persephone in my beloved Greek pantheon, and have felt the rage of Sekhmet. My own rage frightened me, and this controlling Capricorn felt very out of control.

If I want this knowledge, this journey through shadow work, then I must accept that I am in unknown territory and that brings with it fear. However, the Leadbetter’s possum drinks nectar from blossoms, so this journey has its own rewards.

The presence of ants around the nest, in the card, tell me to keep striving, keep going, do the work.

How do I really feel? Scared, like I’m in dangerous spaces, but also that there will be rewards, nourishment, nectar along the way.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 25 July – 31 July 2021

With the Full Moon in Aquarius happening in Australia yesterday, I guess I could say that both the Full Moon energy is still strong so work that Full Moon magic, and that officially, the Moon is now waning towards dark, still in Aquarius.

Aquarian energy: for the greater good, the needs of the few or the many outweighing the needs of the one, community, wanting to make the world better, inspirational, new thought, the Age of Aquarius.

By the end of the week, the waning moon will have moved through Pisces and Aries, and be in Taurus. So we move from cool Air energy, through Watery boundless Pisces, into the spark from the fire Aries, and into the immovable Earth energy of Taurus. I’d say ‘quite the journey’ but something similar happens every week, as the Moon moves through several signs.

Watch people around you. How are they acting, according to where the Moon is?

This week, I’m pulling a card from the Cat’s Eye Tarot: 3 of Pentacles. This is our guidance for the week ahead. It speaks to teamwork, cooperation, planning, and competence. Traditionally, in the Waite-Smith Tarot, upon which this deck is based, it’s the apprenticeship card. It’s time to examine how and where you are learning your information, and where in life you feel like an apprentice. For example: even though I’m a practiced and practicing witch, I feel like I’m beginning over as I do a deeper dive into study and experimentation. I am actively seeking a mentor, even as I offer my own wisdom and experience to newer witches.

Magical Folx, where are you in collaboration and cooperation with the community? What can you offer, and what are you receiving? Where are you the apprentice, or where can you apprentice yourself in service to the greater community, whilst keeping on with your own learning? See yourself, even as a solitary practitioner, as part of the colony/community.

By the end of next week, the Moon will be in Taurus, which is the energy of the Mother, nurturing, comfort, luxury, good food, pleasure, spoiling yourself. In the name of apprenticeship, learning, and service, what can you do to nurture yourself, so that you come to your community the best you can be? With the cat with the mouse in its mouth, it could be an examination of how and what you’re eating. It could be a glorious bath(but perhaps hold off on getting someone to wash you with their tongue, unless that’s your thing).

Have a magnificent week, Magical Folx, and I’ll see you next week for more Guidance.

Guidance for Magical Folx – 19th July – 25th July 2021

A one-card pull from the Lioness Oracle Tarot Deck, both for guidance for any magical folx tuning in, and a wee instructional on how I read tarot and oracle cards. The Lioness Deck caught me eye first thing when I went to my deck shelves(yes, plural).

So let’s see what guidance the Lioness deck has for us this coming week.

The Moon is waxing in Scorpio, moving towards Full Moon in Aquarius next Sunday. As the moon energy builds, it’s a good time for spells to do with growth, bringing towards you magic, anything that you can see needing a ‘coming to fruition soon’ energy.

Queen of Pentacles: a nude woman reclinese surrounded by flowers, and leafy branches. The Queen of earthly delights, material manifestation, and attracting what she wants in the physical realm. She does it easily, and with comfort and joy.

No putting ourselves out with our magic this week, folx. It is indeed a time for magical manifestation. Need that wage rise, new plants for the garden, better job, fresh clothing, a fridge full of good food(however you translate that), a roof over your head, a better roof? Anything that’s on the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fits the bill here. The practical, useful, material stuff that helps life go on. Look at that green crystal righ tin the centre of the card. Green = abundance. (It may be green citrine, or a peridot.) Get manifesting, folx, and I’ll see you next week on the Full Moon in Aquarius, for a full moon reading, and another Guidance post.

Guidance For Magical Folx

Sorry that this week’s Guidance for magical practitioners and the magic-curious went missing in action until today, folx. We are starting to learn Key Word Sign to assist TwentiesPerson on their journey to move out of the family home, and a lot of time was taken up with practice this past Sunday.

Anyhow, onwards.

The Sun is in Leo, and the Moon is in Virgo, and the moon is waxing towards full again, after the weekend’s emotional new moon in Cancer. A Virgo moon means we’ll be feeling that we want to get things right at the moment, everything in its box, everything tidy, honing our practices, no mess lying around.

Let’s see what the Songs For The Journey Home tarot has to say. This is a very different set of symbolism, and a fairly unfamiliar deck to me. I have owned a copy for a year, but haven’t really played with it. Here goes.

Dear Tarot deck, what guidance do you have for magical folx for this coming week: Tuesday to Sunday?

9 of Earth Songs, which is also the 9 of Pentacles. As you can see in the photo below, there’s a pentacles in the picture, and also a circle or coin. A person holds a baby. They are joyous, enjoying each other. The baby, or rather toddler, looks happy and confident that they are safe, well-held. The carer is smiling, their hands big. A wonderful safe time of play. Around them are pansies in glorious profusion. In the sky is a small salute to the Moon and Star cards of the major arcana. A sense of tremendous, wholesome joy and satisfaction comes from this card, which ties in well with the Smith-Waite interpretation of the 9 of Pentacles. In many decks, a woman is shown enjoying her solitude in her garden, or a gardener is shown well-pleased with the blooming garden around them. All that hard work is paying off in blooming profusion.

Magical folx, coupled with the waxing moon, it looks to be a fine time to be doing abundance magic across the world, for yourself, your community. Whether you want to go practical, with enough food to eat and money to pay the rent, or you want to go world-wide health with people’s immune systems being strong, and if you’re vaccine-minded, enough vaccines for everyone, or you want political leaders to start leading from a mindset of abundance, enough to share, and community spirit, this is your time.

This week, get out your green candles, feed your houseplants, write in your gratitude journal, give thanks to deities or universal energy. However you want to do it, feel confident that you’re tapping into the growing energy of the moon.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the winter solstice is past, and my grevilleas have flowered. One rose bush remains untrimmed because it’s still producing blooms like winter isn’t happening at all. It’s time to feed the rose bushes and the citrus trees.

Blessed be to all. Go forth and be abundant.

How I Interpret a Three-Card Tarot Deck pull

Welcome to a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, the Light Seer’s Tarot, and the second in a series of posts on how I read tarot and oracle cards.

The Light Seer’s Tarot indie version was released in 2019 by Chris-Anne Donnelly, and had a huge following even before release, due to social media. It was a heavily-backed deck via kickstarter, and I’m pleased to say I have one of the indie decks. It is a now a widely-released deck, but without the beautiful green edging that makes the indie deck so special.

I’ve worked with Light Seer’s since receiving it in 2019, and it’s now my go-to deck. It is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck(Rider being the original publisher, Arthur Waite being the author, and Pamela Colman-Smith the artist who interpreted what Waite wrote and wanted). It is Smith’s rich imagery that so many decks now draw on, Light Seer’s being no exception.

So, as SnakyPoet and several others have said in the past week, a good way to begin with tarot is to have a grounding in the RWS system of tarot, as so many decks have stemmed from that.

Today’s pull is a 3-card ‘what’s coming up for next week?’ spread. I haven’t asked for Past, Present, Future. I simply shuffled with the question in mind, and pulled 3 cards.

6 of Pentacles, High Priestess, Magician.

Two of these three are major arcana cards, which tells me right away that this coming week has something of note in it. What I had in the back of my mind was ‘if there’s a theme that comes out of this, perhaps I can do a bit of sly planning, and calendar-marking to feature this theme’.

The tarot always knows.

First thing I note in this spread is how much green there is, in various shades. Never mind what the colours would be in RWS. In this deck, in these three cards, there’s green, green, green. And as I look outside into the winter’s day, the rain has made all the greens of the trees, grass, and the nasturtium and borage leaves in my garden stand out and glow their various shades.

I associate green with the magical element of Earth, all that grows. So immediately, in terms of my witchcraft, I start wondering what earth magic I can perform this week to work with the waning moon, the energy of everything in the Southern Hemisphere taking a breather during the winter, and my own self in terms of hibernation, thinking about what to plant come the Spring.

Let me now turn my attention to the card meanings. I will be relying on what the Light Seer’s booklet has to say, as well as my own knowledge of RWS(which comes to me through the Robin Wood tarot, not RWS, as I’ve never liked the original RWS), and what I can see in the cards for myself.

6 of Pentacles: the card shows one hand dropping 6 pentacles/coins into another. It is not shown if this is one person passing the pentacles to another, or one person passing the pentacles from one hand to the other. Behind the image is a greenish sky with a figure-eight infinity symbol traced in pale yellow, almost as if it’s a faint aurora. What looks like brownish-red marshland with either a grey river or wet road runs through it. Reeds reach up on either side. The booklet that comes with the deck, and the RWS system speaks of the two-way magic of giving and receiving. The RWS image is of a rich man freely giving alms to the poor at his feet. But this card, in the LS deck, speaks more to the give and take of passing back and forth. A positive and generous mindset, being in flow. The booklet advises to open up to the abundance of the universe. Which, for me, hies back to the abundance of Spring waiting to burst forth. I’m going through a dry spell in terms of imagination and writing at the moment, so it’s comforting to know that, as always, it’s only temporary, and that all things need rest. There are tides to creativity, and giving and taking of energy. So, Ms Satya, all this ‘planning’ you had in mind can be at rest for another week, and you can operate as you have been, turning your attention to what comes up, as it comes up.

High Priestess: the card shows a woman with read hair. She has a crescent moon decoration in her hair, long earrings perhaps made of bone, a blue dress or neckerchief, and his the symbol of the cross at her throat, along with some beads with a berry(?) decoration. A necklace of red beads hangs lower. Her eyes are shut. She is surrounded by green light, and a pink flow of energy pours down into her crown chakra. This card is all about intuition, psychic gifts, relying on magic and feeling rather than logic. This seems to be a week of magic, divination, heightened work with the magical side of my life. Some intuitive gardening, plant divination. Something to hook into that green Earth energy that is everywhere. Not forgetting that the moon is waning and waning moon is a good time to banishing magic. On a practical, mundane level, sounds like a bit of tidying and decluttering, and some time spent clearing the energy of the house.

The Magician: the card shows a young person in yoga’s butterfly pose. They are seated before, or hovering over a pool, a vortex of energy. They are manipulating the energies rising from the pool. There is an infinity symbol on their hood. They appear calm and in control of the situation. The RWS deck shows a man in control of the 4 elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The Magician is the first card after the Fool in the major arcana, and the tarot has been called the Fool’s journey. So, this Magician is relying on natural talent and abilities, rather than any period of long training. They feel the energies around them, and work with them. This card is a reminder to create the life you want by sowing the seeds for it now, in the actions you take. And it’s a good reminder to me that if I want my own life a certain way, with more magical play, then I had best make time for it. That’s the planning part of my week. I know I can do what I’m asking of myself. I just need to make the time and stick to the promises I make myself.

All together, this week tells me it’s going to be full of magic in its various forms. From the very practical of decluttering, to the more esoteric of art witchery, garden magic, getting rid of a few weeks, rooting the sprig of holly I nicked from someone’s garden. If some writing happens, that’s nice, but it won’t be a focus this coming week. It’s all about the magic, and making time for it.

Thankyou Light Seer’s tarot.


I hope this exercise has given you some insight into how I read tarot and pull together meaning with personal associations. Naturally, if this spread was for someone else, it would have a different interpretation. A question I’d ask the querent in a relationship spread would be: “Is the give and take in your relationship balanced, and who is bringing the magic to it? Is it both of you, or one person?”

In a financial spread, the 6 of pentacles might be a comment on monies coming in versus monies going out.

With the High Priestess and Magician in a health spread, I’d be asking the querent if they’ve explored any alternative therapies such as Reiki, which is a form of energy healing that can involve intuitive insight into the client’s health.

It all depends on the question, how it’s phrased, what’s really on the querent’s mind, and what personal associations there are.

See you next week, card slingers.

How I Interpret a One Card Oracle Deck pull

Another first in a series of ‘how I do’. It’s come to my attention that amongst my friends and fans are many who want to be able to read oracle cards or tarot, but all the reading of the instruction book that comes with the deck hasn’t helped.

So, TarotBabe is here to help you out. You’ve seen that I do plenty of readings and tarot play for myself. But how did I get from “it’s 1985 and I’ve just purchased my first deck, Tarot of the Cat People, and hey, it feels like I know what to do with these” to “let’s just have a play and see what comes up, I completely trust what I get”?

For your delectation, the first of a new series of how I read a one-card pull.

Intuitive Card Reading 1: from the randomly grabbed Spirit of the Animals Oracle by Jodi Bergsma.

Loon: now, first off, the Loon isn’t a bird native to Australia, so I know very little about it. The card’s meaning says: Intuitive. Listen to the song in your soul, trust your intuition as you have a way of knowing. Emerge from the busy life and seek more solitude. Recognise that you are unique and that you are loved.

I asked for general guidance for the day. This morning, I woke up tired, and we had a carpet steam cleaner in, which has isolated me to the couch in the front room, in the sunshine, while all around me, the carpet dries. This, of course, won’t be everyone’s situation, but the situation has caused me to Stay Put, always a struggle for me, and to listen to what is being said inside me. Intuition.

Just this morning, I was writing about intuition, feeling, and going where I’m lead. Last night, I was idly thinking of concocting a tarot spread to ask ‘what is it I really, really want?’ Well, I think I have my answer here, without needing to fancy up a tarot spread. Listen to my own intuition, because I already know.

There is a booklet that comes with this deck, so now that I’ve had a quick look at how the basic meaning of the card might apply to my life, let’s see what the LWB (Little White Book, which isn’t actually white in this case) has to say. “Elegance, singer, communicator, visionary, dreamer, loyalty, family, fidelity, freedom’s call, spirit messenger.” The thing about oracle cards is that they are incredibly flattering. Yes, thanks, I’ll claim all of those, even if they don’t really apply. But, how to take those wide-ranging labels and see how they fit into my question: guidance for today? Am I meant to practice dance to work on my elegance(she says, sitting cross-legged on the couch, a little slumped, wearing old green stretch jeans, and a thick, bulky mustard-coloured windcheater, and slightly sweaty, because the sunlight is lovely and strong)? Am I meant to sing some songs? I’m certainly communicating right now, through this post. And yes, I would label myself visionary, mystic, priestess, witch, dreamer, and sometimes a spirit messenger. Am I meant to have a conversation with someone in my family? If so, who? Any hints, oh oracle deck? You can see where beginners can come away from a one-card pull completely puzzled. Fidelity? Stick to my path, my family, my husband, my writing, my witchcraft? So many choices. Freedom’s call. Is it time for me to up sticks and have some time away from family and husband, and responsibility?

The LWB talks about how loons have a complex system of communication and are highly intuitive. The communication I’ll wear, but who says they’re intuitive? The author of this booklet? Loon scientists? First Nations peoples who have developed a relationship with the Loon, and observed it for centuries and come up with associated meanings for it? Because I know so little about loons, I now nip over to Google for some quick research.

Genus Gavia. Family Gaviidae. Order Gaviiformes. Aquatic birds with webbed feet, about the size of a duck or goose, distinctive call. Some difficulty walking on land(earth, the practical world) due to their build. At home in water(Water, the realm of intuition, emotion, feeling). Migratory birds capable of long flight, after a struggle to get airborne.Find food by sight, swallow small stones as gizzard stones.They nest on land, the male choosing the nesting site.This gives me some correlations. So far, it feels like I’m being asked to use my intuition to feel into what my next step is, rather than think on it, or seek the earth/practical route. To be at home in water more than in the air, or on land(Air and Earth).

Now I turn my attention to the card itself. It’s a study in browns and blacks, with the bright red eye of the foremost loon catching me own eye. It’s a water-based picture. All the loons are in water, behind some water reeds. The reeds are brown, not green, and this tells me that it’s not high summer, but possibly towards the end of summer when grasses start to brown. The chicks are out of the nest, swimming with their parents. One chick is looking trustingly at the foremost bird. The background bird has its wings spread. Is it merely stretching, or is it readying for flight? The babies are not old enough to migrate, so perhaps it’s just a stretch.

So, what do I have here? Family, trust, the possibility of flight or stretching myself further, intuition, a distinctive call, emotion. Ah, now I see. I have a ticket to take me to Queensland to see my daughter, son-in-law, and my beloved three grandchildren on Thursday, coming back next Monday. With the current covid cases in Queensland, particularly the few on the Sunshine Coast where they live, the trip is in question. Am I safer here in Melbourne? Whether I go or not has been much on my mind, obviously more than I first thought. Yesterday, I said: “Well, of course I want to go, but if I don’t, not much has changed, has it?” But, this card tells me my feelings run deeper than this, that I do want to go, that I am hearing the call of my daughter, and those three kiddies. That family is paramount to me.

When I pulled this card, I thought it was about my life path, and my brand new exploration of the Goddess Hekate. I thought it was an urging to keep on with that. However, some research, and some deeper looking at what’s actually happening in the card shows me another interpretation all together.

Thankyou Loon, for showing up today, and showing me what’s really on my mind.

I hope this helps you see a little into how I approach a card for a daily ‘pull’.


As I begin my journey into KEEPING HER KEYS by Cyndi Brannen, I meet a Goddess who I have been afraid to work with. The reputation of Hekate precedes her, although, when I think of Her call to me, it came even before the call of Diana. I became obsessed with the children’s book JENNIFER, HECATE, MACBETH AND ME. The name Hekate called to me, and it was Her name that let me know that the book would be witchly, and thus, of interest to me. I can scarcely remember the book now. I should reread it. I think I read it around the same time as I read GRINNY, and the covers and plots have become entwined.

Hail Hekate, keeper of the keys.

Hail Hekate, ancient and enduring.

Hail Hekate, You of the triple, or more, facese.

Hail Hekate, I come before you,

a humble witch,

ready to bare myself to you,

and be lead into the light,

through the Gates,

into the universe.

Hail Hekate, my small voice calls to you,

as You have called to me.

Many years, but now I am ready.

Let me be brushed by Your Divine self.

Hail Hekate, Queen of Witches,

Hail Hekate, enduring One.

Hail Hekate, Divine Goddess.

Full Moon in Capricorn Spread: Modern Witch Tarot

These questions are courtesy of @spiralpathcauldron on Instagram. I found their spread there, but while I am utilising their prompts, I am not using the actual spread.

I am using my Modern Witch tarot, as it came up in conversation yesterday, and it seemed a good, practical, grounded deck. My Sun, Mercury, and Mars are in Capricorn, so I am very grounded, practical, and most things to do with Capricorn.

  1. What is my current state: The Star. My favourite card, and the card that came up as the Outcome card in the first ever tarot reading I had, way back in the 1980’s, before I started reading tarot I think. Or very early on my journey. “The Star of Hope”. A woman kneels, one foot in water, one on land. She is pouring two jugs of water, one into the water, one onto the land. Overhead, a large yellow star, and around it, seven other stars. An ibis, symbol of creativity, according to the little book that comes with this deck, flies overhead in the realm of the mind, the realm of air, the realm of ideas. I am very much feeling that calm after the storm. TMS has been good for me, even if the anxiety is rearing up again, and I am very aware of what my mind is doing to me in terms of anxiety, obsessional thinking, and manic behaviours. The Star comes after the drama of the Devil, and the Tower. It is hope renewed. Healing is happening, scars are fading. This too came up in conversation yesterday, that I will eventually go back to my memoir with a differently wired brain, and be able to, I hope, be more distant, and more able to storytell my own journey, rather than keep reliving it.
  2. What is blocking me from achieving my goals? Ace of Cups. Well, an unexpected card here, because my cynical self would say: ‘Your own fears, doubts, and behaviours”. Here’s the Ace of Cups saying that my constant hope for emotional renewal , and constant thinking of ‘this is where the new me begins’ is what’s getting in my way. I need to just start in the middle of everything, because I will always be in the middle of everything. There is never going to be the feeling of having finished everything and now I have a clear plate. Just begin now where I am, and carry on.
  3. How can I release these blocks? Ace of Pentacles. Lot of Aces coming up here. “You are in this world, on this planet, so live your life and let the good things come to you” says the little booklet. Well, that gets me in the belly, because I have always felt that I was/am an alien that got snagged into this body when I was on my way to somewhere else. Yet, that feeling doesn’t gel with what I believe about reincarnation, and choosing a lifetime. Be that as it may, I am in this body, in this time, and beginning where I am, in the centre of the mess, is the only way forward.
  4. Who/what will help me achieve my goals? The Emperor. It’s always a guy when I ask this question. There’s a guy who will help me. Or my own Emperor Capricorn business nature and hard-headedness that will see me through. Boundaries and structure. Funnily enough, I’ve just been listening to a Patreon video by Rachael Stephen, where she talks about, as a writer, adopting a new co-working space, and adapting to being back in a structured work place and work time again. I was thinking that the old bullet journaling and actually having some structure to my life would take some of the ‘remember everything’ off my mind. Yet, I know me, too, and I rebel at even myself telling me what to do, My Capricorn sun yearns for structure. My Aquarian Venus finds it ugly, rigid, and revolting, and my Jupiter in Aries just wants to run around starting stuff and never finishing it. So here’s the Emperor to say ‘give structure another go’.
  5. What do I need to succeed at this time? Judgement. 3rd major arcana card out of 5 so far. Uh huh. Talk about shouting at me. In the first deck I ever owned, the Tarot of the Cat People, this card was called Rejuvenation. I see it as the big ‘standing up out of the muck’ card. This is the card that tells me that something is calling me, like the angel calling all those in boxes to stand up and be counted. Only through answering the call can I be truly myself. And right now, I feel I am being called by the Goddess Hekate. I have just started reading KEEPING HER KEYS by Cyndi Brannen, and yes, I’ve felt called for a couple of weeks now. I am being called by several deities. Always Diana. But also Apollo, and now Hekate. So, I stand up, and in the middle of my life, in the midst of a messy life, I wave at Them and say: “I am here.” So, I need my deities, I need magic, I need to respond to Their calls.
  6. Obstacles/challenges to overcome: 5 of Pentacles. Two women walk in the snow, both cold, wrapped up inadequately against the chill. They do not see the glowing pentacles in the window behind them. They do not see the help at hand, the opportunity, that possibility is right there. I have the time, yet I kid myself that I cannot do the ‘witch power hour’, or can barely fit in morning pages. Mainly because my habit is to jump straight onto facebook and stuff around for 90 minutes. Well, the past 3 mornings have shown me, yet again, ,that I do have time. And if I put down reading and did some doing instead, I’d have time in my day for witchery, writing, exercise, and a walk. And I shouldn’t be too proud or scared to ask for help, if I need it – to keep me accountable for the things I want to do. (I haven’t forgotten you podcast.)
  7. Where am I headed? King of Wands leapt from the pack. Taking the lead, apparently, or finding a mentor who I respect. Goddess knows, I’d like to find a psychiatrist/psychologist I respect, just for starters. In what way ‘take the lead’ if I am the King of Wands here? Channel my passions into action and energy. I have the skills to teach, to be the leader, the crone, the wise woman. But where? What area of my life? Passion? For what? There are things I enjoy, but there’s no fiery passion for anything much, as you well know, universe. Come on, WHERE do I lead? So, I ask for another card for clarification.

8. Clarification of in which area I am to lead, or to teach: 9 of Pentacles. Surely not gardening. My garden is very fallow at the moment, and I am growing little in the material world. A card that shows the hard work has paid off. What? WHAT? I am the last person to be teaching ‘how to sit back, relax, and enjoy life’. I know the old adage that we teach what we need to learn, but….is this a joke, tarot?

Most of this spread, I’m on board with, but King of Wands and 9 of Pentacles….. Well, I’ll take from the reading what I can, and leave the rest, as I always do.