September 2020 round up

These are the three goals I set via Biddy Tarot Planner.

Set 3 goals and pull a card for each, and see if they align with your intuition.

5. Goal 1: 15,000 words of memoir for September(with a dash of ‘is this the final push for this draft?’): 7 of Pentacles. If I tend it, it will grow. Highly successful. Pulled in yesterday at 20,030 words. Very pleased. A great deal of flow.

6. Goal 2: Take 3 water colour lessons wherever I find them. The Moon. Didn’t happen, but I did Paint By Numbers, 2 Paint For Fun online workshops(Paint a Waterfall With Acrylics, and Paint A Cool Cat With Acrylics). No watercolour work at all. Also played with Roll A Picasso, and several other paint and drawing techniques.

7. Goal 3: rediscover that old belly dance choreography. Page of Pentacles. Did not happen. Belly dance is not where my passion is. As my belly dance mentor said: “Not everything can be loud at the same time.”

I couldn’t face the online Disability Expo and missed the entire thing. I am not suffering. Work continues with my therapist, as does amateur art therapy with a girlfriend every week. I attended Soul Collage, and have taken walks most days. Writing Magic Realism seminar was deadly dull, and I am no clearer on it than beforehand. The house is clean, but untidy. I’m not sure there’s much else to report. I’m highly envious of my daughter and her family travelling around northern Queensland, while we’re all still in hard lockdown in Melbourne. Apart from my memoir writing stints, my concentration is shot to hell. I am sick of my neighbourhood, all the zoom rooms, and talking myself into making some effort each day. I’ve stupidly put my hand up to run an online Full Moon witch group, and am running the first ritual tomorrow night.

August 2020 Round Up

August turned out remarkably productive, with me bulling my way through a spiral of down thoughts. Victoria is in Stage 4 lockdown, and while initially, I didn’t give a hoot, because I hadn’t come out of isolation, it’s now wearing me down. I long to breathe air outside that isn’t filtered through a few layers of cotton and muslin. I want to see the world through clear glasses, not ones that are fogged up to the point of me crying because I can’t see a thing. I want to walk different neighbourhoods, sit in a cafe for a cup of tea while daydreaming a new story or poem. I want the opportunity to not be afraid every second.

I completed the Intersections course I was doing, and have started rewriting some of the material generated.

I generated a new poem that I’ve sent to the Science Fiction Poetry Association competition. (Satya, it’s the selkie poem, if you’re looking back on this later)

I completed 15,067 words and 40 Pomodoro sessions for memoir this month, which proves I can still pull big numbers over a month.

The household is in a routine for cleaning, mostly.

I have started Painting By Numbers, which is pleasurable, and have branched out into 2 hour painting workshops. So far, I’ve done ‘Paint Like Banksy’.

I made 2 new Soul Collage cards, and participated in the August Soul Collage group.

I completed a 6 week astrology course, and have decided no more for now. My mind had a hard time wrapping around the aspects. The houses were new-but-old information that I properly absorbed and understood this time around. The aspects will take me a bit longer to ‘get’. Then it might be time for the next course ‘The Karmic Journey’, which requires understanding of transits.

I have eaten a large amount of comfort chocolate, and it’s paying out via pain and inflammation.

I’ve started consuming collagen again, and have noticed an immediate drop in knee pain.


The daffodils and jonquils have come up, but not the snowdrops. I see snowdrops in others’ gardens, and in Bellbird Dell, but not in my yard yet. The first roses are out. This year, the winner was the white standard rose in the front yard. Normally, it’s the standard yellow, but it shows no sign of buds yet. The yellow rose bush alongside the house has 5 large buds, and one open rose. The current bout of high winds might put paid to that rose hanging around for long. Two deep red tulips made a brief appearance.

Because of high winds causing power outages, Yarra Valley Water had to issue ‘boil your water’ warnings. There was, of course, a rush on bottled water. We were fine. We had power and gas, and could boil our water easily.

The days are noticeably warmer, and longer, with light coming to the world a little earlier each day, and staying longer at night. It’s no longer dark at 5pm.

I have got to get out of Victoria. I cannot take the cold weather any more. I need year-round light for my mental health. I need warmth. I need to take my husband and offspring and move near my daughter and her family. Missing them and still smiling is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


Monthly review – July 2020

And back we went into lockdown.

This month I:

  • worked through approximately 35 writing Pomodoros
  • asked and got help with my AIP diet
  • submitted 3 more memoir segments to She-Mentor
  • wrote 3 new short stories
  • wrote 2 new fairy tale rants
  • read about 8 books
  • took about 15 walks
  • attended the dentist twice, made an appointment for a root canal next week, and bought a water pick for my jumbly teeth
  • attending a dream workshop, a personal astrology Airbnb experience, and a Vedic astrology Airbnb experience
  • wrote letters to my grandkids
  • did a bit of belly dance
  • watched THE LAST CZAR on Netflix
  • started doing Art Therapy and I LOVE IT!
  • did 5 sessions via my gym online
  • attended a Tea Leaf reading group online.

I’m feeling this round of lockdown, and my mood has plummeted. I talk to myself daily to boost my thoughts, and make myself do things I simply don’t feel like doing, but enjoy once I’ve started.

I’ve done a bit of tarot play.

I feel tired, worn out, down, fat, and hopeless.

May 2020 Round Up

Looking at my calendar for May 2020.

Cleaned my CPAP weekly, did a big clean and refresh at the beginning of the month, just as the manual says to do.

Resumed yoga, via zoom, with my teacher and usual class. My body is slowly loosening up again.

Had 1 FaceTime meeting with our NDIS coordinator, waiting on another.

Gym Active Seniors classes – 4

Taught belly dance via zoom for my gym – 4 classes.

Did Full Moon In Scorpio, and New Moon in Gemini tarot readings for myself.

Did 1 tarot reading for another person.

Participated in the online version of ShimmyMob, to raise awareness of domestic violence, and raise money for survivors.

Finally resumed remedial massage, and had my monthly chiro appointment.

10 zoom writing sessions with my online writing group. 1 extra writing session.

Weekly meal planning.

Took walks with Little, and ArtBlonde, and had brunch last weekend with DarkFusion.

Got a small lesion removed from my neck.

Read books.

Discovered I’m not ready to resume much out-of-the-house social life.

Decluttered books, knick knacks.

With the world opening up again, prematurely, I think, I’ve felt unsettled. The world around me isn’t so quiet any more, isn’t so given over to nature and slow life. So far, I am mostly resisting the urge to swim with the salmon upstream.

I am rediscovering old albums as I do my FlyLady tidy ups and cleaning. Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, all the old favourites I love to sing along to.

I am sinking deeper into ‘what do I really want’, prodded by the book GLIDE by Lisa Forrest. I think I want writing, belly dance, reading. But, are they habit or true wants and needs?

I’m intending to spend June exploring this with tarot, meditation, and experimentation.

April 2020 round up

When I kept a bullet journal, a monthly round up gave me a feeling of momentum that I could look back on, month by month.

It’s not quite as effective here on wordpress, but I keep losing my bullet journals, and forgetting to update them, so this will have to do.

April – a full month in lockdown. Mostly, I’m doing okay. Monday morning – Wednesday afternoon, I’m all about Getting Shit Done. After the Active Seniors class online at my gym though, I get tired, and my enthusiasm for the world wears thin. By the time I’ve taught belly dance Wednesday night, I’m stuffed.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the month.

Active Seniors Wednesday gym class – 5.

Teaching belly dance online at my gym – 3

Strength training with the gym – 4

Daily walk – nearly every day.

Getting to Bellbird Dell to be in nature – maybe 7 times, lagging more as the month’s gone on.

1.5m separation walks with friends – 4.

Shimmy Mob practice – 5

Online drinks attendance – 3

Dvds: nearly through Season 1 of the remastered Star Trek The Original Series; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Funny Face; Attenborough in Paradise, Bletchley Park Season 2.

TV: I Am Johnny Cash.

Music: Wendy Rule, Housework Songs cd, Leonard Cohen, Queen, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash.

Books read: 10.

Tarot readings: 2 for others, 2 for me.

Weeks on paleo auto immune diet: 1

Weather: suddenly, much colder.

Garden: harvested river mint and hummingbird sage. Planted parsley, coriander, chives, spinach, silverbeet.

Writing: about 6000 words, maybe more, mostly on memoir. A few poems. A couple of blog entries. Started a Star Trek fan fiction.

Attended Eastern Disability Housing Network meeting via zoom.

Letters written to grandchildren – 5

NDIS review done, and TwentiesPerson’s plan rolled over for a year.

Knitting: 2 scarves.


How is it I’m on lockdown, and so much has happened?

March 2020 round up

Investigated contributing to an anthology, and decided it wasn’t for me ($ investment, and a tool for marketing goods and services).

Went to a Harry Potter high tea at Robinsin’s bookshop in Frankston, with Blondie.

Saw a production of The Importance of Being Earnest at the Malthouse, with 2 actors playing all the parts.

Started my Soul Collage journey.

All classes and workshops cancelled for the foreseeable future, and we enter a time of plague.

Online discussion with She Mentor.

Progress with the memoir, then temporarily stalled again.

Forgot to do much beyond light a candle for the autumn equinox.

Started walking more, yoga at home, gym workouts at home, lost the plot with belly dance classes.

All in all, the month started busy, and then the world changed. I now plan a day at a time for small things, and somehow, I am happier.