August 2020 Round Up

August turned out remarkably productive, with me bulling my way through a spiral of down thoughts. Victoria is in Stage 4 lockdown, and while initially, I didn’t give a hoot, because I hadn’t come out of isolation, it’s now wearing me down. I long to breathe air outside that isn’t filtered through a few layers of cotton and muslin. I want to see the world through clear glasses, not ones that are fogged up to the point of me crying because I can’t see a thing. I want to walk different neighbourhoods, sit in a cafe for a cup of tea while daydreaming a new story or poem. I want the opportunity to not be afraid every second.

I completed the Intersections course I was doing, and have started rewriting some of the material generated.

I generated a new poem that I’ve sent to the Science Fiction Poetry Association competition. (Satya, it’s the selkie poem, if you’re looking back on this later)

I completed 15,067 words and 40 Pomodoro sessions for memoir this month, which proves I can still pull big numbers over a month.

The household is in a routine for cleaning, mostly.

I have started Painting By Numbers, which is pleasurable, and have branched out into 2 hour painting workshops. So far, I’ve done ‘Paint Like Banksy’.

I made 2 new Soul Collage cards, and participated in the August Soul Collage group.

I completed a 6 week astrology course, and have decided no more for now. My mind had a hard time wrapping around the aspects. The houses were new-but-old information that I properly absorbed and understood this time around. The aspects will take me a bit longer to ‘get’. Then it might be time for the next course ‘The Karmic Journey’, which requires understanding of transits.

I have eaten a large amount of comfort chocolate, and it’s paying out via pain and inflammation.

I’ve started consuming collagen again, and have noticed an immediate drop in knee pain.


The daffodils and jonquils have come up, but not the snowdrops. I see snowdrops in others’ gardens, and in Bellbird Dell, but not in my yard yet. The first roses are out. This year, the winner was the white standard rose in the front yard. Normally, it’s the standard yellow, but it shows no sign of buds yet. The yellow rose bush alongside the house has 5 large buds, and one open rose. The current bout of high winds might put paid to that rose hanging around for long. Two deep red tulips made a brief appearance.

Because of high winds causing power outages, Yarra Valley Water had to issue ‘boil your water’ warnings. There was, of course, a rush on bottled water. We were fine. We had power and gas, and could boil our water easily.

The days are noticeably warmer, and longer, with light coming to the world a little earlier each day, and staying longer at night. It’s no longer dark at 5pm.

I have got to get out of Victoria. I cannot take the cold weather any more. I need year-round light for my mental health. I need warmth. I need to take my husband and offspring and move near my daughter and her family. Missing them and still smiling is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


Soul Collage – a first encounter

Despite having worked with Kiala Givehand in Pull Pen Paint for a couple of years, I’ve not come across Soul Collage before. However, she is one of the facilitators for Vanessa Sage’s Slow Goddess Pilgrimage In Crete next month, and one of the prep items is to do two Soul Collage workshops online with Kiala.

Now, Kiala is somewhere in the USA. I’m in Australia. I ain’t getting up at 3am to do these workshops live. Also, I’m not at all sure where I’ll fit the workshops into my days. I mentioned Soul Collage to my friend ArtTherapyBoogaloo, and she googled. Lo, and there was a lady who is a Soul Collage facilitator close to me.

A couple of chats later, and yesterday I went to see her for a 90 minute 1:1 Soul Collage intro. She even had a little kit for me – some 5″x8″ mat boards, a glue stick, a pen, a mat board ‘frame’. And loads of pictures torn out of magazines for me to choose from.

I’ve LadySoulCollage interviewed my card, while I spoke as it. Notes taken as to what the meaning is today. No different from drawing meaning from oracle or tarot card images(but without a handy guidebook).

I enjoyed the process very much, because it’s removed from writing. I want to do more, and I want to join the group that meets at her house once a month to create cards. I don’t want to rush this process and make 20 cards within a week, all with similar styles and meanings. I want this to be a growth, a journey.

My next card will be in Kiala’s first workshop.

No, I can’t show you the card. The images I used are no doubt copyrighted to photographers, and artists, and the cards are for me personal use. However, some feel no such privacy, and there are plenty of Instagram posts of cards.