How I Read Oracle Cards – one card pull instructional

Good morning. Executive decision to not go to dance class this morning, and concentrate on writing stuff. If I want this publication, writing life AS my life, creativity, digging deeper, spilling my mind into the world thing, then I have to make space for it. A growing urge since art therapy last week – lots of frustration came up over this old, old pattern of distraction.

Card: What you want is wanting you.

I asked for guidance for this morning’s writing session, with that decision in mind. I used the Sacred Rebels oracle: artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison, words by Alana Fairchild. (I get peeved with Alana’s decks, when the artist isn’t mentioned on the box. Just sayin’, Alana.)

  1. Looking at the card: a young person, hair streaming/floating, is looking up at the shape of spiral shell formed from their hair. They are white with brown eyes, dark hair. The background is blue sky with clouds. Colours are browns, whites, and blues, a hint of orange as shadow.
  2. Without looking at the book’s interpretation: this feels like a big yes to my decision to….I won’t say run, because that’s not my speed these days, but perhaps float or sail into the possibilities being offered by the various writers’ newsletters I receive, the opportunities offered through Writers Victoria, and my own research into various journals. I can only presume that my resurrected desire to be in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction means that they too desire to have me in there. Perhaps the world is waiting for my prose and poetry and creative non-fiction just as much as I want it out in the world. After years and years of thinking ‘no one cares’, this is complete turn-around of thought and energy, and brings to mind the lessons from E-SQUARED by Pam Grout. The universe wants to give me what I want. Okay then.
  3. The book meaning: “If you have been shamed, judged, made to feel guilt for, or denied your natural desires or pleasures in any way you may have developed and very tricky and complicated relationship with the yearnings of your heart. We often learn to distrust our desires and come to believe that they are something to be overcome or avoided. We may even try to want second best, disbelieving that we are worthy of our first choice….First, trust in what you truly want, what would bring a sense of passionate, playful purpose and fulfillment to your life….If you genuinely don’t know what your heart wants, you will very much enjoy the process of exploring your desires by making gentle and persistent enquiries of yourself….what is it that truly moves you….Play with what it would be like to be fulfilled right now.” All good thoughts from Alana Fairchild. Dream big, dream often.

The spiral in the card is a representation of the Goddess for me. The beautiful circular, sacred spiralling nature of the divine feminine. Look to the Goddess for inspiration, resolve, and bigger dreams.

The element of Air is strong in this card, with the floating hair, and the sky as background. Thought, inspiration, The Sword, The Mind.

I’ve mourned my pre-25 years old life, when I had a burgeoning writing career. I was publishing professionally regularly, wrote regularly, kept sending stuff out. I was confident that my work was good enough. Publications include: Starlog, Meanjin, Mattoid, Australian Short Stories, Far Out, Aurealis, Orb, Pandora, Westerly, Southerfly, LINQ, The Age, The Weekend Australian. I was an emerging writer.

Break to get married and have children – post-natal depression (undiagnosed).

A few more publications in Aurealis, and some overseas non-paying lit mags.

Five year gig as a columnist for NOVA, with appearances in Spellcraft, Circle, and some other USA pagan publications including Green Egg.

Slow fracturing of spirit and mind.

Current state: 42 sessions into TMS treatment (see my posts about Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy), art therapy, lockdown slow life, and suddenly, I feel like writing, and publication are possible.

This card says YES in a big way.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 1/8/21-7/8/21

Good morning to all magical folx. It’s a windy, chill Saturday morning here in Melbourne Australia. However, there are patches of blue sky, and the sun is coming out from behind cloud to shine through my windows.

Blue sky is much needed this week, for I have pulled the 8 of Cups from Ostara Tarot. The moon is waning from Taurus through to Cancer, just shy of a new moon the following day. Tomorrow, August 1st, is Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere and Lammas in the Northern.

The 8 of Cups speaks to a sense of disappointment, and re-evaluation. An eagle man sits alone atop a rocky outcrop in clouds, with eight bowls smouldering a pinkish smoke. He is looking down. His wings are spread but he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The background of the card is grey. The clouds look like the ones here this morning. Off white with hints of grey. However, it’s to be noted that there is green vegetation surrounding the pillars on which the bowls are perched. Growth can come of this.

This coming week looks to be one of evaluating where you are and what you’re about. Where have you been feeling disappointed in a relationship or project, or perhaps in your relationship with yourself? Time to have a bit of a think about that. Clear your head, and find out how you really feel about the situation, person, project, or your own actions.

With the moon waning, it’s a perfect time to prepare to say farewell to that which isn’t giving you joy, and with the dark moon on next Saturday, that’s a great time to nick it off.

Contemplation, with a view to launch is the energy this week, with our eagle man still thinking, but wings spread. Dark Moon will be in Cancer, and my Moonology diary tells me there’s “some heavy duty Saturn energy this week so make sure you’re behaving like a grown-up”. I would say, make sure you’re adulting, not just being a grown-up.

Thanks to the Ostara Tarot created by Molly Applejohn and Eden Cooke.

The tarot holder is by Yiska Designs.

Full Moon in Aquarius tarot reading

This spread comes from I couldn’t figure out how to copy the picture of the spread across, but here’s the legend for it, and you’ll see how the spread plays out as I name the cards. I’m using the Muse Tarot for this reading.

  1. What quirks can I embrace? 5 of Emotions. (5 of Cups). A woman dressed in black and blue is surrounded by what looks like shards of ice. A Moon is on her chest. The meaning of the card is a woman distanced from her emotions. The world grown cold and hard. A frozen tear on the cheek. It’s easy to feel numb and sterile. This is a herald to feel into the emotions to prompt healing. Embracing my quirks? Time to talk about how I don’t feel, and have always struggled to feel in the moment. Okay. I can do that.
  2. How can I be more expressive? The Fool. A girl stepping forward into mid-air. The big leap of faith. When it comes to expressing myself, trust that it will be all okay if I talk about the hard stuff, as prompted by the previous card.
  3. What is my ideal world? 3 of Inspiration. Progress, expansion of ideas, dreams on the horizon, looking ahead, clear ambitions and goals. Staying true to my vision, and taking small and firm steps towards my dreams. I thought I had put all that aside, even though I feel much more alive when I’m pursuing dreams. I don’t have any dreams and ambitions that light me up. Is my ideal world to just keep on climbing, tick off one thing after another? To what purpose? Yes, the dominoes can keep falling as I do one thing after another, but why? What is the bigger vision here? This card tells me I don’t have one.
  4. How can I inspire others? Temperance. Temperance? Temperance! Harmony, balance, avoiding excess, taming that impulsive ‘load it all on’ nature of mine. Slow and steady. Finding purpose, the Goldilocks zone, turning a real life situation into spiritual growth, patience. How does this inspire others? Are my ongoing struggles with doing too much and then easing back, how I moderate my calendar etc something that others can learn from? Because I can’t think of any other way that tempering myself is inspirational.

Guidance For Magical Folx – 25 July – 31 July 2021

With the Full Moon in Aquarius happening in Australia yesterday, I guess I could say that both the Full Moon energy is still strong so work that Full Moon magic, and that officially, the Moon is now waning towards dark, still in Aquarius.

Aquarian energy: for the greater good, the needs of the few or the many outweighing the needs of the one, community, wanting to make the world better, inspirational, new thought, the Age of Aquarius.

By the end of the week, the waning moon will have moved through Pisces and Aries, and be in Taurus. So we move from cool Air energy, through Watery boundless Pisces, into the spark from the fire Aries, and into the immovable Earth energy of Taurus. I’d say ‘quite the journey’ but something similar happens every week, as the Moon moves through several signs.

Watch people around you. How are they acting, according to where the Moon is?

This week, I’m pulling a card from the Cat’s Eye Tarot: 3 of Pentacles. This is our guidance for the week ahead. It speaks to teamwork, cooperation, planning, and competence. Traditionally, in the Waite-Smith Tarot, upon which this deck is based, it’s the apprenticeship card. It’s time to examine how and where you are learning your information, and where in life you feel like an apprentice. For example: even though I’m a practiced and practicing witch, I feel like I’m beginning over as I do a deeper dive into study and experimentation. I am actively seeking a mentor, even as I offer my own wisdom and experience to newer witches.

Magical Folx, where are you in collaboration and cooperation with the community? What can you offer, and what are you receiving? Where are you the apprentice, or where can you apprentice yourself in service to the greater community, whilst keeping on with your own learning? See yourself, even as a solitary practitioner, as part of the colony/community.

By the end of next week, the Moon will be in Taurus, which is the energy of the Mother, nurturing, comfort, luxury, good food, pleasure, spoiling yourself. In the name of apprenticeship, learning, and service, what can you do to nurture yourself, so that you come to your community the best you can be? With the cat with the mouse in its mouth, it could be an examination of how and what you’re eating. It could be a glorious bath(but perhaps hold off on getting someone to wash you with their tongue, unless that’s your thing).

Have a magnificent week, Magical Folx, and I’ll see you next week for more Guidance.

How I Read Oracle Cards – Hedgewitch Oracle Deck

Good morning, cardslingers. I’m a day early this week. Why? Because I’m up and about with time to spare before yoga kicks off (via zoom, because lockdown 5).

The Hedgewitch Oracle is a sweet little deck, very minimalist. I’m not familiar with the deck. I have it because of the name, and the artwork, but it shouted last night that it wanted some attention, so here it is, sitting in the weak winter light through the front room windows.

I’m asking for guidance as to what happened to a novel I started back in 2014 in Paris: what did I do with the unfinished manuscript?

Burdock: Tenacity. It’s a plant that has spread all over the world from Europe. It’s leaves are prickly and stick to clothing. It’s used in beauty products, skin care, and Chinese medicine, as well as western herbals.

I’m not overly familiar with burdock, as it doesn’t grow in my garden. I’ve no doubt encountered it in the wild. Famed as a liver treatment, I know that much.

In terms of divination, does this mean that I’ll find the manuscript if I dig through my files enough? Or the fact that burdock has long roots mean that I could, if I wanted, rewrite the 10,000 words I’ve deleted? I suppose I could, but the idea doesn’t fill me with warmth. It was a fun idea I started, but I had no real plot, and a character was taking over which would have meant a lot of research, and a totally different direction. Besides, I was exhausted after travelling, and the whole thing just fell apart.

The purple colour in the card suggests to me that I should trust my instincts here, that it’s not worth resurrecting, even though a friend wants to get ahold of it and play with it.

Yes, the idea could grow easily, and if it does, it would likely come to fruition in the summer, when Burdock flowers.

Bowing to the Tenacity of Burdock, I will faithfully do a search through my files more thoroughly, but my intuition says I deleted it as utterly stupid, a damned foolish notion at a time when I had no energy to give.

Guidance for Magical Folx – 19th July – 25th July 2021

A one-card pull from the Lioness Oracle Tarot Deck, both for guidance for any magical folx tuning in, and a wee instructional on how I read tarot and oracle cards. The Lioness Deck caught me eye first thing when I went to my deck shelves(yes, plural).

So let’s see what guidance the Lioness deck has for us this coming week.

The Moon is waxing in Scorpio, moving towards Full Moon in Aquarius next Sunday. As the moon energy builds, it’s a good time for spells to do with growth, bringing towards you magic, anything that you can see needing a ‘coming to fruition soon’ energy.

Queen of Pentacles: a nude woman reclinese surrounded by flowers, and leafy branches. The Queen of earthly delights, material manifestation, and attracting what she wants in the physical realm. She does it easily, and with comfort and joy.

No putting ourselves out with our magic this week, folx. It is indeed a time for magical manifestation. Need that wage rise, new plants for the garden, better job, fresh clothing, a fridge full of good food(however you translate that), a roof over your head, a better roof? Anything that’s on the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fits the bill here. The practical, useful, material stuff that helps life go on. Look at that green crystal righ tin the centre of the card. Green = abundance. (It may be green citrine, or a peridot.) Get manifesting, folx, and I’ll see you next week on the Full Moon in Aquarius, for a full moon reading, and another Guidance post.

How I Read Tarot – one card pull

Here’s my weekly ‘how I read a tarot card’ instructional, folx. Only a day late. Yesterday I got caught up in rewriting an old, old short story. Yes, I am not only a blogger, and tarot reader, but I also write short speculative fiction, speculative and literary poetry, memoir, creative non fiction, and articles. Add witchery to the mix, and being a woman, wife, mother, grandma, carer, advocate, coach, mentor, friend, sister, and flaneur, and you can see how even the best calendar notes can go astray.

Today, I’m asking how our NDIS review is going to go. My offspring, TwentiesPerson, has a yearly review of their National Disability Insurance Scheme plan. These are always stressful, as we are dependent upon the reviewer, and the NDIS, for the money that helps TwentiesPerson live the life they do, with a view to eventually becoming more independent and moving out. Unfortunately, the NDIS has gone the way of Centrelink, the Australian Social Security system, and the process is stressful, humiliating, hard, and awful. I wish it was different, but there it is, said baldly.

I am using the Songs For the Journey Home tarot. It’s an older deck that I’ve owned for a year, but haven’t played with.

Wheel of Fortune. Hmmm, the Wheel signifies change. On the wheel there is both good and bad. Success and disaster, happiness and sadness, growth and stagnation. All this card says is ‘change’.

So I go consult the book that comes with the deck. It points out the third/indigo eye shape in the centre of the card, saying that intuitive feelings can come into play here. Around the eye is a mandala. The yellow that surrounds the mandala speaks to the divine clarity available to us, so says the book. Around the mandala are images from life.

My feeling is that the review will go well. I haven’t been concerned about it, not enough to have done magic, or thought to divinate until today, the actual day of the review(30 minutes and counting). We are asking for more money.

Ah, just had a phone call from our NDIS coordinator. The review has been postponed due to our coordinator’s son being ill. Ah.

Even so, the card certainly speaks to ‘change’. Change of date, as it turns out. This is outcome happening as we speak, folx. Lol.

I’ll be asking this question of my deck once we have a new date.

Guidance For Magical Folx

Sorry that this week’s Guidance for magical practitioners and the magic-curious went missing in action until today, folx. We are starting to learn Key Word Sign to assist TwentiesPerson on their journey to move out of the family home, and a lot of time was taken up with practice this past Sunday.

Anyhow, onwards.

The Sun is in Leo, and the Moon is in Virgo, and the moon is waxing towards full again, after the weekend’s emotional new moon in Cancer. A Virgo moon means we’ll be feeling that we want to get things right at the moment, everything in its box, everything tidy, honing our practices, no mess lying around.

Let’s see what the Songs For The Journey Home tarot has to say. This is a very different set of symbolism, and a fairly unfamiliar deck to me. I have owned a copy for a year, but haven’t really played with it. Here goes.

Dear Tarot deck, what guidance do you have for magical folx for this coming week: Tuesday to Sunday?

9 of Earth Songs, which is also the 9 of Pentacles. As you can see in the photo below, there’s a pentacles in the picture, and also a circle or coin. A person holds a baby. They are joyous, enjoying each other. The baby, or rather toddler, looks happy and confident that they are safe, well-held. The carer is smiling, their hands big. A wonderful safe time of play. Around them are pansies in glorious profusion. In the sky is a small salute to the Moon and Star cards of the major arcana. A sense of tremendous, wholesome joy and satisfaction comes from this card, which ties in well with the Smith-Waite interpretation of the 9 of Pentacles. In many decks, a woman is shown enjoying her solitude in her garden, or a gardener is shown well-pleased with the blooming garden around them. All that hard work is paying off in blooming profusion.

Magical folx, coupled with the waxing moon, it looks to be a fine time to be doing abundance magic across the world, for yourself, your community. Whether you want to go practical, with enough food to eat and money to pay the rent, or you want to go world-wide health with people’s immune systems being strong, and if you’re vaccine-minded, enough vaccines for everyone, or you want political leaders to start leading from a mindset of abundance, enough to share, and community spirit, this is your time.

This week, get out your green candles, feed your houseplants, write in your gratitude journal, give thanks to deities or universal energy. However you want to do it, feel confident that you’re tapping into the growing energy of the moon.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the winter solstice is past, and my grevilleas have flowered. One rose bush remains untrimmed because it’s still producing blooms like winter isn’t happening at all. It’s time to feed the rose bushes and the citrus trees.

Blessed be to all. Go forth and be abundant.

A tarot spread for honouring creative time and space.

This spread saved, with gratitude, from an interview conducted by TypeWriter Tarot.

Honouring Your Creative Time and Space.

  1. How can I detach from other life activities when it’s time to create?
  2. How can I invoke the creative spirit when I set out to create?
  3. How can I honour my work before I enter the world again?

The interview was a really nice one, and I recommend TypeWriter Tarot. I subscribe to the newsletter, thus I get notifications of new interviews.

This was from Cosmic Rescue Episode 3, an interview by Cecily Sailer(founder of TypeWriter Tarot) with Claire Campbell.


To apply this spread to myself, I’m using my Slow Tarot, created by Lacey Bryant. It’s not a deck I use often, but as a reminder to myself to slow down (I love to pile up the Monday tasks), I dug it out today, and all over again, I’m astonished by the beautiful, detailed artwork.

I took Claire Campbell’s example and opened my writing session today with a tarot pull. 5 of Cups. I am slowly going through all my old unpublished stories, the unfinished ones, the ones that have little more than a few notes, and seeing what I can apply my mind, sewing scissors, and patches to. In the card, a small boy crouches on the floor, crying over several broken teacups. Two whole teacups sit on the table behind him. A mirror reflects a closed door. The scene beyond the window is hazy, almost as if it’s raining, but there appears to be a figure in a cloak and top hat outside. A black cat washes its paw in the corner. Was it the one who knocked the cups over, and the boy believes he will get the blame? The cat is looking pretty smug: “Yeah, I did that, so what?”

I’ve been pretty sad over the years at the amount of first drafts, unfinished stories, bare bones ideas, and stuff I never followed through on that are in my writing files. I only had to look into Writing: Fiction: Short Stories, and get to the A’s before I found the first old, old story that I’d never rewritten or done anything with.

No use crying over what’s past, the broken cups. There’s still 2 full cups. It’s up to me how I sell the situation to myself. I can continue to bend over the broken stuff, or I can say: “The fucking cat did it”, point to the whole cups, and say: “But look at these whole ones. There’s still good stuff here.”

I’m not at the stage of allowing this fiction out into the public yet. It’s still pretty smelly stuff, that needs cleaning up. But that possibility, of the public seeing what I’ve written, is out there beyond the window. Hazy, but there.

So that was my solace to myself as I opened today’s writing session.

Now to the 3 card spread.

  1. How can I detach from other life activities when it’s time to create? 8 of Cups. Walk away and shut the door. A figure walking away from stacked tea cups. 8 geese flying overhead against the full moon. A long road ahead, but the decision is made. Walk away. I did this just today for the first time – announced to my daughter and husband that I was starting work at 1.30pm, and wouldn’t be available again until after 3.30pm.
  2. How can I invoke the creative spirit when I set out to create? Queen of Cups. Go with my emotions and intuition. I feel like this one says ‘make a water offering to the female creative Goddess of your choice’. Well, that’s what sense I can make of this. The shell is very Aphrodite, but She is not a Goddess to whom I would make devotions when it comes to creativity. Love and lust, yes. Brigid is a Goddess of poetry, but she is a Fire Goddess. And this is definitely a Queen, not a King or Knight, so I’m not feeling Apollo here. My instinct, looking at the face of the Queen of Cups, is Saraswati. She is someone I have worked with in the past.
  3. How can I honour my work before I enter the world again? 6 of Swords. Safe haven. The journey across the sea to the lighthouse. The sea isn’t calm, but it’s not threatening yet. The cloudy sky indicates challenging times ahead. Well, I don’t switch well from creative world to mundane world, so yes, it’s always a challenge to pull my head out of the well of creativity, in whatever form I’m playing with, and turn back to the ‘real’ world. How can I honour my work? A moment to recognise that I went deep, and moving to quiet, pleasurable, safe activity to ease my way back in. The last thing my anxiety needs is me wildly swinging my consciousness about, as I am wont to do. Gentle retreat, and a slow journey back to ‘reality’.

Claire Campbell also finishes her creative sessions with another card pull to close the session off, using a question like ‘what have I learned”?

So, what have I learned from today’s creative session (which was doing a quick and dirty rewrite of an old 1000 word story, and then blogging here).

Balance: “Equity, harmony, executive decision, liminal times, impartial perspective, ritual.” “The world is only in balance because everything is always in flux. What this card demands is for the Seeker to acknowledge the external forces arrayed against them and to react in a dispassionate, measured and deliberate way.” Today, I planned my working session. I didn’t drift into it, without telling family and friends that I was going to be working. Thus, I wasn’t disturbed. I asked my creative buddies to co-work via zoom with me, so I showed up, and was accountable. Thankyou UnicornGirl, and….dammit, I’ve forgotten what I’ve dubbed my other friend. AmericanScatter will do today. I set up my doors, shut them, and invoked the space in which I would create. I knew I’d be doing this today, because it was on the calendar, so my mind was ready to work. I drew a tarot card to invoke the session, and in I went. I thought I’d be spending the whole time on one story, but the rewrite was quick, so I could bring in some of that ‘flux’ by shifting to blogging instead, which is still writing, or writing-adjacent. The girl stands in what looks like a wheat or corn field. She is holding a chalice and a candle. there are glowing sigils on the haystacks. Above her flies the raven, messenger from the beyond. The card is painted in yellows – the colour of Air, the element of the mind.

Daily Card – how I interpret

Light Seer’s Tarot

Question: why am I so jittery today?

9 of Cups.

The usual interpretation of this card is ‘abundance, almost to the point of too much of a good thing’. Not only is there a box of treasure at her feet, but 9 singing bowls float above her, all there for the taking. Dreams manifested, it’s all good.

Today, feeling flat, but at the same time unsettled and jittery, what I see is Too Many Ideas, and trying to reach for them all. The yellow background, and the floating woman speak to me of the element of Air. She is not grounded, and is actually not connected to the bounty that groundedness brings (treasure).

Because this is a Cups card, to do with the element of Water, that of feelings, intuition, I feel that I have run around far too much this past week, and not spent time dreaming, being, doing my grounding exercises. I need to slow my fitness practices down to flexibility, strength, and stamina, and let the aerobic fitness take care of itself. Slowly, slowly, steadily. Back to the treasure within.