Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Spread

Thanks to escapingstars.com for this image and spread. And thanks to Google for turning it up for me.

I’m using the Cosma Visions Tarot for this reading. I asked my shelves of decks which one had Sagittarian fiery energy and this one caught my eye.

  1. What area of my life should I be on high alert about? Past Lives. (Death) I have made the choice to change the patterns in my brain via Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, and it is working very well on my depression anxiety, and stress. However, this is a timely reminder to explore what, in my past lives, lead me to have these brain patterns, neurons, and habits in this lifetime, while still acknowledging that there’s been a hell of a lot of circumstantial stuff this lifetime to render just about anyone depressed, anxious and stressed. So, changing the energy up, and the neuron habits aren’t enough. I need to explore and resolve those past life issues, so that I don’t have to have this stuff repeating.
  2. What is this full moon illuminating that must be released? 6 of Embers. (6 of Wands) The Victory card. The corresponding image in my head is from the Robin Wood deck(my working deck for many, many years), and it’s the ‘look how far you’ve come’ card. In the Cosma Visions, the flowing lava is enjoying the night sky, while moving steadily onwards at its own pace. Is it the feeling of complacence that I must guard against? The journey isn’t over yet. But which journey? I’m assuming the mental health journey, but it could also be my fallow writing, my art, physical health, actual travel(not off the table when it comes to Sagittarius)?
  3. How can I best focus on my thoughts in order to align them with my higher vision? 8 of Lotuses. A whale swims over a sunken city. (8 of Cups) Move on from something that has long since moved on from you. The city inhabitants are gone, and the city has been claimed by the sea. No, I do not have a solid vision of what it would be like to live without depression, anxiety, second-guessing, and stress. It is well past time to begin building one. Just as some witchcraft practices have asked me to build a place of worship on the etheric plane that I can go to to seek wisdom, rest, healing, and guidance, it is well past time where I can abandon the image of myself as a depressed person, and start imagining what life and I are like without it. Now, I know the autism, and the Highly Sensitive Person things are with me for life. That’s part of who I am. But what can I do, and be now that I have a different brain. Part of me quails at the thought of attempting to pick up old short stories and poems and do something with them, because I’ve disappointed myself so many times. But part of me thinks “Well, what have we got to lose?” A ‘normal’ writer/artist/intuitive would pick something up and say ‘let’s see if we can’t make this sing’. Now, that aligns with a higher vision of myself. Doing the stuff that will help what’s inside me into the world.
  4. Where do I have to regain balance? The Crow. (The Magician) Relearning how to manifest, to change thought into creation. Taking up the feathered cloak of my magic again. At the very least, it’s time to start on the exercises from E-CUBED by Pam Grout. If I can will it, it can happen. “You will naturally gravitate towards the paths that will get you” to that higher vision.
  5. What is my Self telling me that I need right now? 4 of Embers (4 of Wands) Community, home, celebration. An old wooden shrine in the woods has fires burning, a bowl of water, and a figure making an offering or blessing. The halfway point in the journey through the pip cards of Embers. Self care, rest, relflection, time out from striving forward. Have the vision, but take time now to rest and be.
  6. What in my life is being completely supported? 7 of Embers. (7 of Wands). I swear I shuffled. The phoenix rising from the fire. I am indeed rising from the ashes of an old self, a phoenix coming out of an old grimoire that constantly survives the lava. My survival and renewal are completely supported.
  7. How can I best stay grounded throughout this manifestation? 6 of Lotuses. (6 of Cups) Stay hopeful. This one lotus is above the waves whilst its companions have succumbed to the water. Ride the waves and don’t give in to them. Maintain my vision as a mentally well person. Stay with good memories. I know right now, when I think ‘good memories’ I struggle to find even one. But, when one pops into my head later today, and it will because I know this is how my mind works, I will note it down.

Full Moon in Sagittarius spellwork – 2021

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2021.

Date: 26th May, 2021

Day: Wednesday

Moon Sign: Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse

Element: Fire – Mutable.

Time: 7pm.

Tarot Card: Temperance.

With the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon in Sagittarius, we are talking a double whammy of communication energy.

Having trouble finding the words you need in a particular dynamic? Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, the archer. We are going to use the arrow as our symbol.

Tools needed for this spell:

– a fairly straight stick(if you want to go deeper, you may wish to research the magical associations of different trees and acquire an appropriate stick) about the length of your forearm. Don’t break it off the tree unless you have permission of the tree. At this time of year, there are plenty of wind blown sticks lying around.

– a whittling knife and/or sandpaper

– craft or wood glue. You’re going to be sticking stuff on your stick.

– paint, glitter, whatever you want to fancy up your stick. Think fire colours, and air colours to match the Fire of Sagittarius, and the Air of communication.

– Cauldron or something you can burn your stick in (burning will happen after the spellwork, as filling your house with smoke at night is not good).

– stuff to get a fire going. I pour methylated spirits into my cauldron and set it alight. I will often add incense as I go.

1. Pre-decorate your stick, leaving one end free. This way, your arrow is going to be dry and able to be handled.

2. We are going to whittle/carve/sandpaper a point onto the plain end of the stick, forming it into an arrow. While you whittle or sand, you will be asking the energy of Sagittarius and the energy of Gemini to help you find the right words or actions to open up communication.

3. When everyone has completed their point, we will angle the arrows towards our computer screens, and each will make a general statement about what they are conjuring.

4. In a large gesture, and on the count of three, we will arc our arrows up and away from the screens, and point them towards the sky, asking that our arrows fly true, and that the Sagittarian full moon aid us on our journeys.

5. Tomorrow, before the energy of the full moon has turned to the waning moon, and thus the waning of energy, you will burn your stick in whatever sacred way you wish, to send the energy to the universe/the gods/the Huntress Diana.

Alternate 5. If you feel that burning your arrow isn’t right, you may release the arrow into the wild by placing it in a tree, or some wild place in which, conceivably, the Wild Hunt might run.


This spellwork is a version of a releasing arrow ritual I learned in a Native American circle many years ago.

As an experiment, and a change, we will not cast circle, invoke elements, or invoke deity. Sagittarius is wild energy, and does not like to be contained. Sagittarians are built to push boundaries, leap fences, and go where no one has gone before. Asking Mutable Fire to be within a circle goes against its nature. So let’s see what happens if we simply clear space, and go to work.

Poem: What You Hated

Thankyou Poetry Foundation for today’s prompt: Superbly Situated by Robert Hershon | Poetry Foundation

It was a trap, an illusion.

Behind my Gemini Ascending party girl,

The Cheerful One, The Flirt,

Queen of Bon Mots and Laughter,

Sex Enthusiast and Empress of Motivation,

you found the real me.

Dull Capricorn plodding up mountains,

with my plans to rule the world.

Ambition At Home For No One But Me.

You found deep-diving Scorpio, Moon-ruled,

far out as Pluto, passionate as Mars,

wanting but never getting a conversation resonant enough.

Who I am at the ballroom

is not who I am on the couch.

You said it didn’t matter.

You never liked idea-riffing Gemini me anyway,

you said.

Truth: you hated all of me,

every kaleidoscopic aspect.

You saw it as your mission

to convert me to your darkest side,

and when I wouldn’t go,

you dumped me like past life rubbish.

So I climbed up, climbed out, got on my broom,

and flew to a new part of my uncharted chart,

where I live in a house made from candy, dreams,

and soul.

The Daily Blog: The Anti-Planning Girl

This morning, I received my package from backing the CosmaVisions oracle tarot deck. Did I really click on ‘all the goodies?’ Because, wow, I sure got a lot of stuff with my deck and book. Extra cards, a little wooden card stand, a coin, stickers(maybe?), a book mark, a badge, and the deck and book themselves. All are beautiful, and I’m feeling pulled already to interview the deck, and see what adventure awaits us. I haven’t felt that pull for a very long time. I guess part of this afternoon will be deck play, then. I had thought that it would be ‘edit that non fic piece for Knot Journal’ and ‘read PLAIN BAD HEROINES’. But no. Writing and deck play are in order. That’s okay. I have the time and space to do that.

I have two personalities, if you like, or planets, or aspects, at war in me all the time. One is the Capricorn Vital Busy Woman who wants to Get Things Done to feel like she’s vital, useful, busy, and full of Achievement. The other is my Scorpio Moon, Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Scorpio Hippie Dreamer, who wants to play, and wander, and dream, and have things happen as they happen. More and more, I let things happen as they happen, and Busy Vital Woman screams in frustration.

She had today planned out: blogging first thing, then a 5km walk with lunch at the Jolimont Cafe, and home for editing the writing for Knot Journal. Then she would graciously let me read.

But, I realised this morning that I didn’t have enough ink sprays for the art journal pieces, and cards I wanted to make, so I measured the walk to Kmart Plaza, where KaiserCraft lives, and it’s 3.8km. Good enough for today in terms of exercise. I decided to walk there, each lunch, buy ink sprays, and have PizzaBoy pick me up afterwards. Then it was into editing.

Suddenly, CosmaVisions arrives, and the Muse says ‘interview this deck asap’.

Busy Vital Capricorn Rule The World Woman is screaming in frustration. ‘There aren’t enough hours!!!!!!’ She loves a set of exclamation points.

Oh, Capricorn, there is if we start now.

Full Moon in Libra research

Yasmin Boland – Moonology Diary

Moon in the place of partnerships and relationships. Surrender any relationship difficulties to the Divine. On your altar place a photo of the person with whom you have a relationship. Raise your vibration with some beautiful music and candles, and drop some essential oils onto your palms. Add a picture of the Libra Goddess Lakshmi or Archangel Jophiel, or an image of anyone you resonate with. With your hands in prayer position, say: ‘I surrender my relationship with X to the Divine. Thankyou for guiding me.”

Questions to ask at this full moon: Why am I hanging on to anger about what X did/didn’t do to me? What would love do in this relationship?

Moon Power by Simone Butler

Libra is the the lovers’ sign.

Ancient Libra Moon Goddess: Inanna. Sumerian love and fertility goddess. Said to be the life blood of the Earth. Most prominent female deity in Mesopotamia as far back as 4000 BCE. Inanna is associated with the planet Venus (where is this information confirmed?). Love and connectedness. Also Goddess of war, she had to balance the scales of her two sides. Invoke Inanna when you need a fresh start, strength, when the Moon is in Libra. Eat pomegranate seeds in her honour, and affirm you’ll make it through this trying time. (Linked to imagery of Persephone, and the Inanna story of descending to the Underworld.)

Inanna’s sacred animal: lioness. Though her roar is not as thunderous as the male, it is still powerful. Social etiquette and groups important to the lioness. If a lioness is disinclined to meet and greet in ritual, she is likely to be booted out of the pride. Call on the lioness to strengthen your marriage, invoke protection for your children, or mend a problematic relationship.

Full Moon ritual: trance dance. We are made of energy and our energetic tendrils connect with everyone we come into contact with. To celebrate the connection-oriented Libra Full moon, when the Sun is in energetic Aries, do a trance dance, and ancient way of achieving oneness consciousness. Music that has a hypnotic drum rhythm.

From Pintereset

On this full moon I request divine energetic assistance to help me sever all cords to anyone or anything that consistently lowers me vibration, intends me harm, causes chaos, drains me, or blocks my flow of blessings. I ask for the strength to walk way from whatever isn’t meant for me and for inner peace, harmony, healthier connections and for more positive opportunities to open up so that mentally and spiritually I can heal, grow and glow. Sending gratitude for the love and abundance coming my way. (Affirm for 48 hours before and after full moon.) – Alex Myles

From smallspells.com

In addition to relationships and partnerships, Libra rules the aspects of life that are artful and aesthetic, that seek out harmony and balance. It also rules the balancing of light and dark, of “good” and “bad”: always searching for a neutral, or pleasing, spot in the middle, where our energies can rest in contentment. The movement of our actions, from internal to external, is also a Libra aspect—considering how actions have consequences and effects that vibrate out. This brings us back to our partnerships, when the actions of our lives have direct effects on the lives of those we are in intimate partnership with, for instance, those we live with.

From The Hoodwitch

Use this moon for matters pertaining to: justice and fairness; partnership; love/self care rituals; balance and diplomacy; healing.

With the moon in Libra focus on relationships, and artistic pursuits. All of your partnership activities will be heightened during this Moon. For those who are not in partnerships, there may be heightened feelings of loneliness, but be aware of superficial bonding to ease the pain/ fear of loneliness. The moon being in Libra it is an excellent time to throw a gathering  with close friends. During this time, it’s important to find balance. Enjoy a simple celebration with others, but also leave some time for healing work.

An excellent preventative measure during the Libra moon that we can do for our bodies and especially onour kidneys is drinking plenty of fresh water between the hours of 3 and 7pm in order to give the kidneys and bladder a good “rinse through”. Nettle tea, is also a really soothing aid for the bladder and kidneys. Exercises for the pelvic region are also particularly beneficial at this time.

Essential oils: rose geranium, sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, clary sage.

Crystals: aquamarine, calcite, rose quartz, smoky quartz.

The Daily Blog – an honest look at my brain

For no reason I can discern, my brain is having the Black Dog visit. This is tiresome and tiring.I long for food to have flavour, to be able to smell scents properly, to see colours deeply. I have vague memories of these experiences.I long to hold thoughts for more than a few seconds.

I long to be able to day dream, and follow thoughts to where stories come from.I miss being able to follow book and TV show plots. Not just today, but everyday .I’m 57. I’ve been like this for 32 years. Later this week, I’m talking to my doctor. It’s hard to have hope with my most favourable antidepressant has reduced itself, over the past 2 years, from being 80% effective to around 70%, and my other 3 experiences with different antidepressants have been Bad. All the talk therapy in the world doesn’t change the considerable environmental factors, and those factors will take their own sweet time to resolve, and honestly, require me to have better mental health.

But….watching a dear, beloved friend undertake a therapy, and seeing how the light has come back to her eyes, I am raising the same therapeutic possibility with my doctor to see if I can’t get a referral, to undergo assessment to see if I’m eligible to enter the programme .I’m terrified of this therapy. I’m terrified I won’t qualify, or it might not work for me. Hope is a far away concept, not something I feel. I generally don’t feel anything about anything any more.

But, seeing as how I’m too chicken to act on the persistent suicide ideation, I’m here for another 40 years, and I’d like to enjoy them.I’d like to smile again and not live in The Grey World. My astrologer Stella Woods said this year was about me asking for help, and getting my health in order. So I’m following leads that come my way, having placed my trust in the universe, and The Goddess, to steer me to what I need.

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Full Moon in Leo research

Moonology Diary – Yasmin Boland

Full Moon in Leo is all about showing off what your mama gave you. Parade about, but balance this with the needs of others around you.


The impersonal energy of the Sun in Aquarius is balanced by the ebullient energy of the Moon in Leo. The Moon in the home of the Sun. Leo is a Fire sign, and like the mid-summer Sun, it gives light and warmth to everything it shines down on. Fiercely loyal, this is the sign of intention and following through. This is true at work, in friendships, and especially in matters of the heart. A Leo in love is a dedicated partner, and will have no problem letting their significant other — and the world — know how they feel. But just as they give to others, Leos expect the same admiration and devotion in return.


The Full Moon is in the fire sign of Leo, opposite the Sun in airy Aquarius, offering the elemental interplay of fire and air.  Both elements are great for purification rituals.  Fire flames up and out, burning to ashes what obstructs. Air refreshes, blowing away what is old and stagnant. 

Purification rituals are especially powerful when the Moon is waning, a condition which begins with the Full Moon.

This is a potent Full Moon for banishing!  If you don’t have an immediate idea of what you need to banish, look into your obsessive thoughts, toxic habits, time-wasting activities, and familiar insecurities.  Most people know exactly which habits aren’t serving them anymore.  But if you’re open and up for anything, with the Full Moon in Leo, you may especially want to banish any unworthy notions of yourself — the inner voices that prevent you from expressing the authentic core of your being.  Think of this core as a flame. It is passionate, mysterious, forever changing its shape, as it dances and plays with the surrounding world.

(My thoughts: banishing during full moon?? Waning moon yes, dark moon yes. But full?)

Full Moon In Leo, Show Up And Shine, Horoscope And Rituals… (starsignstyle.com) This link offers some food for thought about possible spells and rituals surrounding confidence. A thought: a great time to do magic to do with heart health, self love, confidence, putting your light into the world, backbone health.

All these links say that Leo is all about confidence. Leo is actually the teenager of the zodiac, and teenagers are anything but fully confident, unless they’ve been brought up to ‘do the work’. Experience has shown me that teens can put up a really good front, but inside, every one of them is wondering if they are actually good enough. Mike McGowan, astrologer, summed Leo up as ‘I’m great…aren’t I?’ I tend to agree with it. The Leos I know thrive on compliments, especially about their hair/mane. Tell a Leo they are looking great and they shine.

In medical astrology, Leo rules the heart and backbone, so spells to do with heart health and spinal health would be relevant for this full moon.

The Hoodwitch, as always, has some good solid information, and I don’t know why I don’t go straight to her.

Full Moon In Leo Wellness — The Hoodwitch

New Moon in Capricorn research

Moonology – Yasmin Boland

The key energies of this Moon are: hardworking, solid, realistic, explosive.

Time: 13th January, 4pm AEDT.

This full moon is super-charged as it’s taking place near the planet of power: Pluto. So expect this first New Moon of 2021 to pack a punch – and treat it with respect. This really is a New Moon to work with, but this one is (a) coming at the start of the year when resolutions are high, and (b) near the life-changing planet of Pluto.

Think about: if your life were to be totally transformed by the end of 2021, how would it look? What has been released, what have you kept, what have you drawn in? How would you reinvent yourself? Where do you want to be professionally by the end of 2021? This New Moon can help you with that. Keep all this in mind as you fill out your wishes and intentions.

There’s a rather tough Mars/Saturn clash happening just after the new moon too, so there could be issues around wanting to move forwards and being held back by fear, rules, an authority figure or something else. Make your plans anyway. The intentions you set will outlast this planetary clash.

from Wanderlust:

Capricorn Expressions

The elevated or positive expression of the Capricorn new moon may be a desire to step more into our authority or become more self-sufficient. My favorite aspect of Capricorn is its ability to make things manifest in the material, Earthly realm through commitment. The shadow side, however, may become isolated or overworked with its focus on responsibility and stability. Pay attention to any feelings of coldness or distance as these are key indicators Capricorn may have gone too far into its heaviness.

Grounding and Physical Postures: Capricorn concerns itself with the past such as history or traditions and roots, connect to this Earthly dimension with good ol’ fashioned Tree Pose, or Vrksasana. Before beginning the posture spend extra time balancing the four corners of the feet on the ground and imagining your roots growing down into the Earth.

Reaching and Social Involvement: Understanding structures of society is an area of expertise for sometimes status-driven Capricorn, government being a major one. Maybe take a tour of your local city hall, volunteer, or find ways to get more involved in local politics.

Stretching and Philosophical Edges: One of the beautiful aspects of Capricorn is its ability to be in solitude, quiet, and stillness. I find Zen Buddhism to most represent this aspect of my Saturn self and the tradition of sitting or walking meditation may be the perfect way to honor this new moon and eclipse.

from cafeastrology

The New Moon in Capricorn is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Goat:

  • set practical, attainable goals;
  • work on developing maturity and common sense in the personality;
  • considering the future, and preparing for it;
  • focus on concrete ways of developing self- discipline and self-mastery;
  • give satisfying form to wishes;
  • make commitments and recognize responsibilities;
  • accept that we are limited, and that, ironically, some of our limitations truly free us to explore deeper dimensions of experience by offering us a secure foundation;
  • nurture our dreams in a realistic fashion.

from The HoodWitch

Our New Moon is in the Earthy cardinal sign of Capricorn the goat.  New Moon’s magick is beneficial in helping to plant the “seeds” (intentions + goals) so to speak. Watch your “seeds” sown at the dark moon grow by asking to be supported in getting your new projects off the ground. From now until the time of the full moon is the time for culmination. Use the energy of Capricorn moon to stabilize your foundation materially. Capricorn New Moon concerns leadership, issues of security, and responsibility, it’s time to take care of business! 

The new Moon in Capricorn is also excellent for using alternative healing methods. This not only helps to bring balance within our physical bodies but will also assist in intensifying our powers of concentration (mentally.

We can use the moon’s energy to pay full attention to our needs for security, our duties, our drives and also our obligations. What are your ambitions? Take time for yourself to relax, set these goals, and  go for them. Capricorn moon energy ask us to be persistent and ambitious while remaining sensitive to others and staying out of negative or pessimistic mind states that may drag us down. 

Spells Written By Lisa Stardust for The HoodWitch

Crisp Capricorn New Moon Spells for Abundance and Career

Experiencing a financial lull as bills arrive in the mail from this past holiday season? Is there a dream job you’ve fantasized about and think it is out of reach?  With some quick magic, you can obtain the impossible and have a reversal of fortune. Under this Capricorn New Moon, January 17th, ask the universe for abundance. Push yourself professionally to bring in new opportunities—ask for more cha-ching to your bank account, by giving your life a much needed occupational and fiscal face lift. In true earthy fashion, where less is more, we’re gonna keep the Capricorn New Moon spell work simple, babes. By only using natural herbs which are easily accessible. Just be clear in your intention as you do your spell work. Stand in your truth  and your power to manifest your most authentic dream. Here’s your manifestation guide to cosmic bling.


More Money, More Bling$

Add a splash of bergamot to your wallet, wrists, or even rub on your hands to attract monetary gifts from the universe during this New Moon. This citrus flavored oil attracts abundance and love from the heavens, and will make it rain with gold in  your bank account. People will want to give you money with no strings attached. Nothing is easier than free money being given to you, simply because you are awesome!

Cast Off Debts

Snakeroot, a magical name for black cohosh, casts off creditors. While you manifest abundance during this New Moon, you may need some time to work your magic. Use snakeroot around your home to cast off debt collectors and bills from arriving in the mail as you create your new financial foundation. Snakeroot will buy you some time to attract prosperity.

Change Your Money Luck

Using soaps or lotions containing pennyroyal, aka mint, will cleanse you of bad money luck during this New Moon, clearing financial  roadblocks. Not only will your body quiver from the menthol  buzz, but, your bank account will start to tingle from the increase of funds available.  

Bring In New Money

During these blistery winter days, we all love a good cup of chamomile tea. However, did you know loose leaf chamomile can bring money and abundance toward you? Not only will this tea calm your stress levels, it will bring an end to your financial woes. Brew a fresh pot of tea, sprinkle some chamomile around you, and meditate on gaining more bounty to your wallet. Simply drinking a cup of chamomile tea during this New Moon can revive your finances.


New Moon Interview 

Frankincense is an ancient herb used to bring in good fortune. Before emailing your resume out, or, having your job interview during the Capricorn New Moon, purchase some frankincense to expedite landing your dream job. By sprinkling  some resin on your computer screen before sending off your resume, your skills will be swiftly noticed. Add a dash of frankincense behind your ear–and your interviewer will be enamored by your skill-set.

Get Your Career Goals Started

Sandalwood is great to manifest your career goals. Simply burn some sandalwood and cover your caldron with your handwritten letter of intention. Let the smoke set in to the paper, as it burns through into the air, your dreams will be sent off into the universe. Your spirit guides will help bring your plans to life under the watchful eye of Moon Goddess Luna.

Manifest Chill Work Vibes

Hawthorn, a herb associated with magical protection, can protect you against cruel conditions at work. Tired of having small talk with your annoying office mate, or, being nagged by your boss 24/7? Try adding some hawthorn berries to your office as décor to cast off the negative work vibes. You can make a tasty liquor from the berries to serve at the weekly office happy hour under this New Moon to create a chill work environment and bring in fresh energy.

Promotion Manifestation

Lusting after the new job opportunity available at your company? Want your boss to take notice of your hard work? Write your New Moon wish on a bay leaf and place in each of your shoes during this luminary. Bay leaf can be found at your local grocery store and is a herb used for gain. As you walk through your office, stand tall and proud. Your recent work efforts will be noticed by all, as well as your strength and drive. Bay leaf will bring the promotion and ambitions you desire to a head. And, don’t worry, you won’t smell like a salad!  

from Rebel Astrology

Capricorns don’t get enough credit for their creativity and spiritual wisdom. Too often, Cap is represented by a Suit in an office, concerned exclusively with material success. But the list of famous Capricorns includes Patti Smith, David Bowie, J.R.R. Tolkien, Matisse, and Cezanne. The symbol for Capricorn isn’t a mountain goat. It’s a mythical animal called the sea-goat, half goat and half fish. While the front half of Capricorn is on solid land, making practical decisions to get ahead in life, the back half is swimming, dreaming, imagining and feeling. And those dreams become real. Because where there is water and earth, there is an extraordinary power to manifest. Saturnine discipline makes dreams come true.

In fact, Capricorn and Saturn were traditionally associated with witchcraft in western culture. In astrologer Marguerite Hafeman’s chart study of 30 magic workers, including Aleister Crowley, Sybil Leek, Jack Parsons, and Elsie Wheeler, she found patterns having to do with the sign of Capricorn and its ruling planet. Virtually all of the charts had “two or more of the following characteristics: at least two planets in Capricorn, Capricorn ruling on one of the angles or on the 6th, 8th, or 12th house cusps; Saturn located in one of these houses, Saturn angular; Saturn prominent by occult sign, e.g. Saturn in Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces. All but two charts had Saturn involved in complex aspect patterns…there seems to be a correlation between the more “potent” practitioners and complex, hard aspect patterns involving Saturn.”

This association probably contributed to the labeling of Saturn as a malefic. Historically in western culture, witches have been feared for their power. Capricorn is the sign of authority, and working magic puts one in a position of authority, manipulating the energy of the universe to manifest one’s will. In this era of late stage capitalism and scientific materialism, we tend to think of “authority” as synonymous with business and government, hence the depiction of Capricorn as a paragon of material success. But there is so much more to Cap than that.

The Great Conjunction – December 21st, 2020

From Astrologer Julie Dietz’s newsletter:

“For thousands of years, in traditional astrology, the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn was the primary marker for making long-term forecasts about society and its evolution. Jupiter rules expansion, success and optimism; Saturn rules contraction, integrity and strong foundations. Put them together and you have a seed moment; a recipe for social mastery.

Saturn and Jupiter meet up at 0 Aquarius on the day of the Summer Solstice when we’ll witness an event which won’t be repeated in our lifetime – the end of an era, and the establishment of a new one. This event is historic in so many ways, not least because it begins a new 200 year cycle of Great Conjunctions in Air. We’ll begin to see a change towards a focus on knowledge, connection, communication and ideals … a collective shift that will define our direction and orientation for the next 2 centuries.”