As I begin my journey into KEEPING HER KEYS by Cyndi Brannen, I meet a Goddess who I have been afraid to work with. The reputation of Hekate precedes her, although, when I think of Her call to me, it came even before the call of Diana. I became obsessed with the children’s book JENNIFER, HECATE, MACBETH AND ME. The name Hekate called to me, and it was Her name that let me know that the book would be witchly, and thus, of interest to me. I can scarcely remember the book now. I should reread it. I think I read it around the same time as I read GRINNY, and the covers and plots have become entwined.

Hail Hekate, keeper of the keys.

Hail Hekate, ancient and enduring.

Hail Hekate, You of the triple, or more, facese.

Hail Hekate, I come before you,

a humble witch,

ready to bare myself to you,

and be lead into the light,

through the Gates,

into the universe.

Hail Hekate, my small voice calls to you,

as You have called to me.

Many years, but now I am ready.

Let me be brushed by Your Divine self.

Hail Hekate, Queen of Witches,

Hail Hekate, enduring One.

Hail Hekate, Divine Goddess.

Tarot Tells The Tale: Lilith

This is a tarot reading for Lilith, who my husband(a knowledgeable Christian, tells me is Old Testament apocrypha, developed during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews), Adam’s first wife, who refused to submit to domination(lying under Adam), and was therefore banished from Eden, and went to the Land of Nod. She grew wings and flew there, according to some texts. Pagans and certain sects of witches have adopted Lilith as a deity and attributed much to Her. Black Lilith is also an astrological point.

Dear TarotBabe:

I have recently left my husband, because he was too damned bossy. Demanded I lie under him, in all ways, if you get what I mean. I will not be under any man, or Man. I am equal in all things. This did not fit with his, or his God’s idea of Eden, and so I have been thrown out, never mind that I actually left of my own accord.

Now, my ex-husband’s God(I prefer god with a small ‘g’) has sent three angels after me to get me back. They found me in  labour in a cave. I didn’t want to be disturbed. I was having fucking children at the time! I wasn’t about to up and go with them back to Eden, to be Adam’s lower class mate.

Now they’re saying that for every day I don’t come back, they’ll kill one of my children. That’s fucking not on!

TarotBabe, what do I do?

Yours in desperation,


Dear Lilith:

Oh my dear, how vile! Let me see what the tarot says for you.

King of Cups, Temperance, King of Swords.

You, my dear, are going to have to take on kingship for yourself. Own your powers. Dig deep into your emotional self and call on that rage, that outrage, your sense of righteousness. Allow the magic(represented by the five-pointed starfish in the King of Cups) of emotion to flow through you. You have magic, you have power, you just need to harness it. Close your eyes, if your children give you a second, and find that red within you. Imagine it flowing into a bowl and growing, heating. Let it be fed with lava-heated water. Use that power of intuition you were created with.

There are angels on your side. Not all are with Adam and his god. The very beginning of the Bible says that Adam’s god declared himself God above all others. So there are other gods, and other angels. Call upon them. Not everything is represented by the Sun/Son. Look at the Temperance card. Our angel here holds both the Sun and the Moon, the light and the dark. If Adam and his god have claimed the Sun/Son, then you must claim the Gods and Goddesses of the Moon, and the dark. Dark is not necessarily evil. It is simply the unseen, the unknown. You were brave enough to leave everything you knew in Eden to venture out into the unknown. You were told there was nothing outside of Eden, yet you found a cave, and you are still alive. Embrace who you really are. The dark angels and other gods are waiting for you to claim your power.

The King of Swords tells me that you know what to do already. Swords is about knowledge, the mind, the air element. You know you can project your thoughts and have them become reality. Otherwise, you would not have found shelter outside of Eden, where there is supposedly nothing. The bat is a creature who flies by night, in the dark, as is the owl. Release your wings from your back, claim your dark power, and take back that which is yours by right. Equality for all!

Best of luck, not that you’ll need it. You just have to dare.



Now, once again, if a woman came to me with a story like that, I’d have cops, and social workers all over the place, but for the sake of the reading, belief and reality have to be suspended, and I entered into the reading fully. I was astonished at the power of the message that came through. Lilith is indeed a dark goddess to be reckoned with.

With thanks to TAROT TELLS THE TALE by James Ricklef.


I’m not owning that

one raven for sorrow.

I saw a single raven lurching

through a garden filled with sunset coloured

gnomes, both metal and concrete.

“Hail to The Morrigan,” I said,

as it flew away.

The Goddess reminding me

She is always on the wing,

stepping clawed and beaked

on the Earth,

keeping a black eye on my life.

She might be anger,

She is protection,

but sorrow is not

what we are about,

this Spring day.


Tarot Tuesday

Well, really oracle card Tuesday. The Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.

Yuki Onna: stillness. Japanese Goddess Of winter. Daily meditation to prep for greater productivity. Let others make the first move. Spent from the emotional burden of your current life. Yes.

Parvati: devotion. True commitment comes from wholehearted living in all aspects of your life. Find silence in daily meditation.

Skuld: the future. Set your intentions. Skuld rules the destiny of gods and people. Remain true to yourself. Live in the now is the way to move towards the future.

Devotions In Odd Places

The last thing I expected was to recite my Brigid mantra whilst boxing.

I was in the Heave My Body To and Fro class this morning, and, ugh, it was boxing morning.  On with the practice gloves, and there were many air jobs, and upper cuts to be performed.  Then we moved to the bags, sharing a punching bag between three of us. Fifteen seconds of jabs, then switch to upper cuts, then switch to body blows, and repeat.

Some in the class were using the time to visualise the tax man, or the Prime Minister, or the President of the USA.  I started this, but it felt wrong.  If I am to follow the advice of the bumper sticker on the back of my car, I am to be the change I wish to see in the world.  So I stopped pretending I was hitting someone.

I fell into a jabbing rhythm, and found myself reciting the Brigid mantra given to me by Samantha Elen Marks of Magic Malas.

Brigid Ma, Brigid Ma

(jab  jab     jab     jab)

Be with me Brigid Ma

( jab jab   jab jab)

Guide my path Brigid Ma.

(jab jab              jab     jab)


I stopped.  Was I being disrespectful, punching something while chanting to the Goddess?  But then, I thought that it was simply another way of dedicating my action, and my energy to Her.  I could have danced, sung, beat a drum.  Instead, I was lightly thumping a big padded bag, and protecting my hands with gloves.

No longer aggression, but devotion.

A prayer to Epona

A friend of mine is in deep distress.  A horse hoarder (yes, they’re a thing. Have a passion for horses, keep buying, can’t care for them, but can’t stop, either.) has stored two old thoroughbreds in the paddock where my friend keeps her two horses.  The oldies are in bad shape, starved, not cared for, deeply traumatised.  My friend and her partner have been feeding and watering the horses, and nursing one through a bout of colic.

My friend wants to rescue these two horses, take them into her care.  She’s well qualified, as a farrier.

The hoarder doesn’t want to give them up.  It’s been an ongoing tussle with my friend, the hoarder, and the RSPCA, who, legally, have limited powers of confiscation.

Last night, even though I am deep into a head cold, I sat down on my meditation cushion, wrapped myself in a blanket, and without any further ado, closed my eyes, and began watching my breath.  The sensation of cool air coming in through my nostrils, down my throat, inflating my belly, then my belly falling, warm air flowing up my throat and out my nose.  Until I knew I was in a settled place.

I called each of the elements in turn: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  No fancy invocations.  Plain Aussie English, because I had no energy for anything else.  I thanked them for coming present, even though I had done them no reverence past my words.  No crystals or salt, no incense, no candles, no bowl of water, no feathers, no fripperies at all.

I realised I was swaying gently from side to side.

I called the Celtic Horse Goddess Epona, and asked Her to be merciful to Her own children.  I explained the situation, even though She would already know.  I asked that my friend, as a Priestess of Epona be able to serve Her better by taking these horses into her care. I asked that these two horses, and the other twenty in the hoarder’s possession be safe, fed, watered, warm, and sheltered. I asked that the hoarder be treated kindly, to have her eyes opened and really see the state her horses were in, to realise she needed help.  I asked that compassion and kindness be shown to this woman, and that she receive the help she needed.

I could not sing for Epona.  I had hardly any voice.  Yet, I felt in a state of powerful magic, lit up on the astral plane, and the elements, at the very least, taking notice.

And then I asked what Epona would have of me.  Two things: the first was to give up meat.  I’m not much of a meat-eater, but with two male omnivores in the house, it’s easier to just go along with that than keep making myself a separate meal. Being vegetarian AND gluten-free AND mindful of lactose is a royal pill, but Epona has provided the shove I needed to move back to vegetarianism, armed with much better knowledge of nutrition this time.

Her second request was monetary.  Donate money to my friend should the horses come into her care.  I’m lucky enough that this is relatively easy to do.  Ten years ago, it would have been impossible.  Now, I have some extra to play around with.

So mote it be, Epona of the Horses.

I bade farewell to Epona, and to the four elements.  I don’t know how long I’d sat for, but I know my knees creaked as I stood up.  I didn’t feel cold, because of the warm blanket, but I did feel thirsty and hungry, a sure sign of power being used.  So I trooped out of my room to make a cup of tea, drink a glass of water, and eat an apple.

Magic doesn’t always have to have the trappings, fun though they are. Sometimes, one just needs focus of will, time, and space.