Guidance for Magical Folx – 19th July – 25th July 2021

A one-card pull from the Lioness Oracle Tarot Deck, both for guidance for any magical folx tuning in, and a wee instructional on how I read tarot and oracle cards. The Lioness Deck caught me eye first thing when I went to my deck shelves(yes, plural).

So let’s see what guidance the Lioness deck has for us this coming week.

The Moon is waxing in Scorpio, moving towards Full Moon in Aquarius next Sunday. As the moon energy builds, it’s a good time for spells to do with growth, bringing towards you magic, anything that you can see needing a ‘coming to fruition soon’ energy.

Queen of Pentacles: a nude woman reclinese surrounded by flowers, and leafy branches. The Queen of earthly delights, material manifestation, and attracting what she wants in the physical realm. She does it easily, and with comfort and joy.

No putting ourselves out with our magic this week, folx. It is indeed a time for magical manifestation. Need that wage rise, new plants for the garden, better job, fresh clothing, a fridge full of good food(however you translate that), a roof over your head, a better roof? Anything that’s on the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fits the bill here. The practical, useful, material stuff that helps life go on. Look at that green crystal righ tin the centre of the card. Green = abundance. (It may be green citrine, or a peridot.) Get manifesting, folx, and I’ll see you next week on the Full Moon in Aquarius, for a full moon reading, and another Guidance post.

Use The Washi Tape 3

I’m running a ritual for the Full Moon in Sagittarius tonight. A decorated arrow was required. I used a gum tree stick, and my Washi supply to speak to the fiery red of Sagittarius, the yellow of Air(Sun in Gemini), and the open-hearted loving conversation I wish to kindle with a dear one.

Full Moon in Sagittarius spellwork – 2021

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2021.

Date: 26th May, 2021

Day: Wednesday

Moon Sign: Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse

Element: Fire – Mutable.

Time: 7pm.

Tarot Card: Temperance.

With the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon in Sagittarius, we are talking a double whammy of communication energy.

Having trouble finding the words you need in a particular dynamic? Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, the archer. We are going to use the arrow as our symbol.

Tools needed for this spell:

– a fairly straight stick(if you want to go deeper, you may wish to research the magical associations of different trees and acquire an appropriate stick) about the length of your forearm. Don’t break it off the tree unless you have permission of the tree. At this time of year, there are plenty of wind blown sticks lying around.

– a whittling knife and/or sandpaper

– craft or wood glue. You’re going to be sticking stuff on your stick.

– paint, glitter, whatever you want to fancy up your stick. Think fire colours, and air colours to match the Fire of Sagittarius, and the Air of communication.

– Cauldron or something you can burn your stick in (burning will happen after the spellwork, as filling your house with smoke at night is not good).

– stuff to get a fire going. I pour methylated spirits into my cauldron and set it alight. I will often add incense as I go.

1. Pre-decorate your stick, leaving one end free. This way, your arrow is going to be dry and able to be handled.

2. We are going to whittle/carve/sandpaper a point onto the plain end of the stick, forming it into an arrow. While you whittle or sand, you will be asking the energy of Sagittarius and the energy of Gemini to help you find the right words or actions to open up communication.

3. When everyone has completed their point, we will angle the arrows towards our computer screens, and each will make a general statement about what they are conjuring.

4. In a large gesture, and on the count of three, we will arc our arrows up and away from the screens, and point them towards the sky, asking that our arrows fly true, and that the Sagittarian full moon aid us on our journeys.

5. Tomorrow, before the energy of the full moon has turned to the waning moon, and thus the waning of energy, you will burn your stick in whatever sacred way you wish, to send the energy to the universe/the gods/the Huntress Diana.

Alternate 5. If you feel that burning your arrow isn’t right, you may release the arrow into the wild by placing it in a tree, or some wild place in which, conceivably, the Wild Hunt might run.


This spellwork is a version of a releasing arrow ritual I learned in a Native American circle many years ago.

As an experiment, and a change, we will not cast circle, invoke elements, or invoke deity. Sagittarius is wild energy, and does not like to be contained. Sagittarians are built to push boundaries, leap fences, and go where no one has gone before. Asking Mutable Fire to be within a circle goes against its nature. So let’s see what happens if we simply clear space, and go to work.

Samhain 2021

Even if I write up on my calendar a week beforehand to start preparing for an upcoming Sabbat, I am a Mistress of ignoring notes to myself, and ending up realising, the night before, that I’ve got nothing planned. That’s when I turn up to one of the open rituals available to me.

I won’t name the group involved, because I don’t want to name and shame anyone, but I attended a twilight ritual, with about 9 participants. I had issue with one of the guys there. Look, mate I don’t care how liberated and free you are from your past, your hang-ups, and whatever else. I don’t care how many tarot readings you do now, and which circles of your own you run. Seriously. I don’t even care if you wear a rainbow unicorn onesie to a ritual. Even if it is Samhain, and everyone else is dressed in black to honour the Crone, the Morrigan, Persephone’s descent to the Underworld, and the coming of the Winter months.

What I object to is you having your onesie open to the crotch, and your pasty, bulging, white body on display across the sacred circle, right in my line of sight. Put It Away, sunshine.

Anyway, we invoked the elements, and I was the Fire Quarter. In retrospect, I could have chosen better. With my mind edging around mania, Fire was probably the last thing I needed to be standing in. Earth would have been more calming. I have so much Earth in my astrology chart, though….

We stood beneath a huge, spreading oak tree. Most of the autumn leaves have already fallen and the ground was slippery with dry leaves on a well-trod circle, with four paths to the centre. The branches of the oak stood dark against the pale blue sky. At 5pm, the sun was already almost set, and the sky had that paleness that comes before twilight. A few leaves hung on to the branches. I thought of my parents, gone many years, my brother crossed over, my great-niece Bec and her stillborn daughter Peyton. I thought of my ballroom dancing friend Gail, who suicided when she could not conjure, as an adult, the secure family feelings she had as a child, and had not found the right man to take care of her forever. Her death brought home to me how similar we were at that time, and made me back away from following her further down the ‘I need a man’ path. I thought of Damien, who I knew at university, and who died during our second year, from a ferocious cancer. He married just before he died, and I saw his widow Robyn at the funeral, stunned into silence that she had been married only a month.

There have been other funerals, other griefs. No one lives without losing people. Times like Samhain mean a time to remember, to celebrate their lives, to honour them, and be thankful that we’re still here, still breathing. This is the first year that I’ve had no wish to be already passed over. Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy? Art witchery on my own brain? I don’t know. All I know is that I’m currently going through life with a quieter mind, and a lightness to myself.

As the year moves into the short, cold months, I honour my beloved dead, and am thankful I am still here.

Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy – session 3, and after

Yesterday: back to Narre Warren for my 3rd treatment. I’d had a headache all day. I am obliged to mention this to the clinician. I was fearful that I would experience the pain I had yesterday at the beginning of the treatment, due to magnetic coil placement, and intensity of the magnetic field used. It really hurt the other day, so there was part of me sooking all the way down the freeway. “I don’ wanna do dis. I don’ wanna go. It hurts.” And then to tell the clinician that I had a headache, and have her sitting there debating whether or not to treat me. I kept reassuring her it was a bog-standard headache, not a whopping big one. “Go on,” I kept urging her.

Long story short, I got my treatment. Juice wasn’t quite at capacity because a bit of ‘ow, that hurt’. Right hand side first, 19 minutes of the Chinese Water Torture tick-tick-tick. Just over 1000 pulses apparently. I hadn’t done much except a short walk, so my body was a bit fidgetty. I had a pillow under my knees to stop my back sending stupid electrical impulses down my legs. Seriously, back, stop giving me restless legs. No one thinks you’re smart.

Left side of my head was ‘woodpecker’ territory. The more intense 3000 pulses over 25 minutes. Short bursts of woodpeckering, followed by a short break, then 3 warning ticks, and off it goes again.

I was able to listen to my audio book. I’m still ploughing through PASSAGE by Connie Willis. The Titanic going down might be an analogy for a Near Death Experience, or death itself, but it’s not a good analogy for TMS. I’m yet to come up with a cultural analogy. No one is dying. No emergency, despite my neck thinking it needs to tense up.

I went to the chiropractor later in the afternoon. Ah, instant headache relief. So that’s what the problem was – tight neck and shoulders, not TMS effects. I slept well, and woke at 6.30am, bright as a button.

Today, Saturday:

Uh oh. That bright as a button feeling is mighty close to ‘I can do everything, I have endless energy, I’m still feeling great at 5pm. I could go all night, getting shit done.’ Mighty close to the manic edge.

I went on the Pathways For Carers walk, and afternoon tea. I strode along at a good pace, whereas last month, I had to ask someone to walk more slowly with me, as I couldn’t keep up. A speaker from Maroondah Council NDIS something-or-other gave a talk, and I became more incensed by the moment. NDIS cost slashing, unsustainable structure, those in power not having lived experience. I broke in: “Well, I’m a writer. Point me at those who need to know. May as well use my skills.”

What? Since when do I volunteer for stuff, and still feel okay about it 10 minutes later? Where’s the ‘oh gods, what did I just let myself in for?’? Instead, I gave out my email to about 6 people who are carers, and who need help formulating a Carer Impact Statement. I can help with that. It will give me a way to work off some of this super-cheesed-off energy I have, as regards disability in Australia. THESE PEOPLE, INCLUDING MY OFFSPRING, DESERVE THE RESPECT AND SERVICE THAT YOU EXPECT AND GET, SCOTT MORRISON, PRIVILEGED, WHITE, WEALTHY, PENTACOSTAL PRIME MINISTER.

Afterwards, pottering in an op shop, I realised I had a whole armful of clothes to try on, two knick knacks, and 6 books. I put nearly everything back, and texted PizzaBoy: “I think I’m becoming manic.” I felt in dangerous territory that hasn’t faded yet. Which is why I can so quickly and easily tend to my blogging.

I’m told it’s too early to see any results from TMS. That I won’t see any results until at least week 3-4. That what I’m having now is the placebo effect. That I’m so positive this will work for me, that I will be changed, that I have willed myself into a better state. So, mind, settle down. Not so much, darling. Easy steps. Let’s find a normal level of mental health, rather than being Shiny.

And as for the art witchery I did on my brain, healing doesn’t mean mania. I’m scared. Help me settle please.

First step on getting home was straight into my pyjamas, and getting PB to apply moisturiser containing lavender, cedarwood, and frankincense oils to my back (itchy, and calming). Next, Rose Garden herbal tea, which contains rose petals, and chamomile. I’m crossing my fingers that slow time will calm me.

No thankyou to mania.

Thought Experiment 4: E-squared

Having scanned the big catalogue called the world, and for the sake of this experiment, have decided that I will manifest a red Fat Chance Belly Dance style skirt.

It is April 5, 2021. 7.39pm.

I have 48 hours till April 7, 6.39pm.

It is 6.38pm, April 7. The skirt did not manifest, but my dear friend AquaMoon shared links for places from which to purchase said skirt. As I keep changing what it is I want, apart from red, no wonder the universe couldn’t provide. This one may take a while longer, so I’ll update when there’s progress.

Poem – The High Cost of Death

In search of today’s inspiration: Sanity by Caroline Bird | Poetry Magazine (

The carved skull of a raven stares back at me,

hollow eyes sockets pinpricked with daisy outlines.

It sits on a faux gold stand

far shorter and more glamourous than the bird spine

that held it in life.

Above the skull, a hot light bulb

not resembling for the Sun.

In a cabinet nearby,

two raven wings, perfectly preserved,

await someone who wishes to fancy

up their smoke practice with feathers.

Another glass cabinet, a silver raven’s foot clutches

a garnet globe.

Oh, how we witches value life,

and put a higher value

on death.

All up, raven,

you’d cost me several hundred dollars,

and that’s not all of you.

I’d rather have you cawing over my back fence,

and grumbling to yourself in the pine tree down the street.

Occasionally, you’d gift me a feather,

free of charge.

Poem: Reading, Witching, Same Difference

Reading a Marge Piercy book:

slapped upside the head with injustice

dug into her garden,

abortion amongst the pickling,

protest marches through the wildwood.


yellow beeswax candle to make government think,

green wool for the healing that’s needed,

black thread to mourn for women murdered

while sports heroes and politicians walk free.

Marge has always called herself witch and warrior.

I call upon my most magic self

to arise from the cauldron,

dipped in rage,

and assume the armour for all the silent

He, She and Its in the world.